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Flat Earth PSYOP: CIA Blackop Designed to Destroy the Truth Movement


Monday, June 13, 2016

(Before It’s News)

THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today

The Flat Earthers Are Being Sent
Into Every Real Truth Movement
To Disrupt And Destroy Them


Flat Earthers SYSTEMatically Being Used To Disrupt And Undermine Truth Movements Everywhere

Revisionist Historians for World Peace
Submitted to The Millennium Report

There is an insidious conspiracy at work throughout the entire Internet which seeks to destroy Truth Movements everywhere.  One of its organs of mischief is known as the Flat Earth Society (FES) and its explicit purpose is to take down every single truth-oriented website, blog and/or organization which permits an open comment section at the bottom of their posts and articles.

Here’s how they work:
Agents of the FES often begin by posting rather benign yet factual comments about NASA, which everyone now knows is a rogue agency which can rarely be trusted…

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NIBIRU – Planet /IMMARU Star System – You Deserve to Know — Lissa’s Humane Life

Uploaded on Feb 24, 2011 Larry N Maggard Lately a trend has developed to attach the name “Nibiru” to any object that is, may be or may not be within the boundaries of our Solar System. NIBIRU is NOT a Comet, Asteroid, Meteor, Star, Space Craft or Fictitious.., it is the 6th of 7 Planets […]

via NIBIRU – Planet /IMMARU Star System – You Deserve to Know — Lissa’s Humane Life

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EXCLUSIVE: The famous Russian documentary on Crimea with Putin FINALLY with SUBS

Published on 5 Jun 2016

A GLOBAL RENAISSANCE: RI Spring Crowdfunding Campaign:
CLICK ON CC for subs on 5 languages: English, German, French. Arabic and Chinese!
Special thanks to Rossiya 24… for allowing us to post the documentary on our channel
Finally the famous Russian documentary on Crimea that was aired on previous Sunday, one day before Putin appeared again after he spent ten days in the headquarters of the Russian Army to prepare his country for a nuclear was against the USA and Great Britain and prevent their nuclear first-strike attack, is available with English subtitles.

Andrey Kondrashov’s documentary on the return of Crimea to Russia, was aired in Russia on March 15, exactly one year after the Crimeans took to the polls to vote for returning to their Motherland and leaving wretched Ukraine behind. The Western powers – led, as ever, by the US and UK – were determined to portray this momentous historic event as an imperial land-grab by Russia in order to rectify their support for the subsequent bloody war of Nazi Kiev against the breakaway provinces with Russian population in Southeastern Ukraine that rejected this criminal putsch regime. It is important to know that these Ukrainian provinces voted with 90% for Yanukovich in the last free democratic elections in this country and could not accept the Nazi putsch instigated and financed by the USA and EU (mainly Germany), as I have reported on many occasions.

Although the Russian government was surprised as to how quickly the elected Ukrainian President Yanukovich was ousted from power in a bloody Nazi coup d’etat, “brokered” by the USA as Obama admitted in a CNN interview recently, only one day after he signed an international agreement to refrain from power and delegate it to other parties in peaceful democratic elections in the course of 2014, Putin made swift and crucial decisions, first to save the life of the legitimate Ukrainian president and then to save Crimea from the Nazi thugs in Kiev. When President Yanukovich fled Kiev on February 22nd 2014, President Putin set in motion a series of responses that constituted the most serious and successful challenge to the hegemonic aspirations of the Empire of Evil in Europe and Asia. This was the pivotal point in time when the plan of the dark ruling cabal in the West to establish the NWO was ultimately shattered.

One feature of the video is the following that you recently documented:

“How the Russian military placed the brand new Coastal Defence System ‘Bastion-P’ at locations along Crimea’s southern coast. Once activated, the approaching USS Donald Cook Destroyer turned around at full-speed before Russian military jets chased the American warship south.“

And here are the major points discussed in this video:

How Russia saved President Yanukovich of Ukraine
How Crimeans returning from revolution in Kiev tasted the rage of the Right sector ‘Maidan orcs’
How members of the Berkut police force escaped to Crimea and helped set up people’s militias to defend the peninsula, not least by preventing Kiev military jets from landing at Sevastopol’s airport
How these civilian militias defended against an organized takeover of the Crimean Parliament in Sevastopol
How most Crimean Tatars sided with the ethnic Russian population, despite efforts by the coup organizers to generate an ethnic split between them
How the militias came together to blockade repeated efforts by the ‘Maidan orcs’ (Right sector fascists) to enter the peninsula – by road, train and air
How the Crimean Referendum was enacted following near unanimous support from the people’s representatives in the Crimean Parliament
How Berkut forces were joined by Kuban Cossacks from across the Black Sea region, including veterans of Russia’s Afghan War, to defend Crimea from efforts by the new regime to send in weapons and explosives
How, having prevented Kiev from deploying ‘Maidan orcs’ via air, rail and road, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet blockaded the Ukrainian navy from leaving its home port
How the Russian military placed the brand new Coastal Defence System ‘Bastion-P’ at locations along Crimea’s southern coast. Once activated, the approaching USS Donald Cook Destroyer turned around at full-speed before Russian military jets chased the American warship south
How the ‘Night Wolves’ biker gang joined in the defence of Crimea in Yalta by kidnapping Ukrainian General Mikhail Koval and uncovering weapons caches left by the Ukies prior to the coup
How the Crimean citizen militias and Russian soldiers stationed in Sevastopol peacefully neutralized 20,000 Ukrainian forces stationed on the peninsula, many of whom then defected to Russia
and much more.

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Tolec, Jim Nichols, Yvonne Palermo, Groovie Bean Radio show

Published on 19 Jun 2016

Tolec, Jim Nichols and Yvonne Palermo discuss early Tolec experiences, the ‘tail end’ my (3x) time travel trip experiences, the likely greater value of those; Jim Nichols own contact experiences back in 1980; the far broader possible implications of the recent “Orlando” shooting event; as well as the upcoming – 2016 Transformational Shift Conference.

‘Am sure you’ll find many compelling nuggets of truth here.

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Prepare for Change 6-14-16… “Message from James Gilliland: ’11th Dimensional Ship and How The Ultraterrestrials Work'”

Kauilapele's Blog

James_Gilliland_with_ECETI_logo_larger_1This goes along so perfectly with this recent Kp message. Since posting that one, a few of you have communicated that, yes, you’re going through similar things. James Gilliland gives us more information in this article.

Thanks to Kp (of Brazil) for the link, and BP and JP for this one.

“The Earth has been under the influence of the Archons, mainly Draconians for eons. Some call the present grid an Archonic or Draconian grid. It was not the original plan which was to be an Eden, heaven on Earth where the fauna, flora, animals, including the human civilization could evolve to its highest potential. Due to interference on many levels by several species the Earth was hijacked ending up in its present state.

“Why on Earth would anyone elect as leaders those with a long history of deception and other nefarious acts including murder? The false saintly images…

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