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Dr. Steven Greer : Earth is under Quarantine

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Gepubliceerd op 21 okt 2013

Highlights from ‘Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer.’…

Dr. Steven Greer & Linda Willitts : Opportunities for ET Disclosure – (February 27th, 2009)

Full interview:…


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Dr. Steven M. Greer: “26 Mile Wide Alien Mothership In Our Solar System”

Well, very soon there will be a benevolent biosphere, Xanterexx, which will support
humanity with the transfomational times to come.

The biosphere – Xanterexx [called by the news media: “comet Ison”] is in fact
the “Blue Star Kachina”. (300 mile wide)

It signifies the coming of major changes to this planet, the harbinger of
change & ‘open first contact ‘

More about Xanterexx / The Blue Kachina:

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Activate your Love in your Heart and send it daily to planet Earth with Alaje from the Pleiades


The 20 videos in this channel are providing help and suggestions for everybody who want to live in harmony with the existence and create joy and love in life. The videos are neutral. The videos dissociate themselves from any kind of belief systems, cults, or political views from planet Earth and thus can NOT be brought into connection in any way.

I am not responsible for the content, wrong actions or lies of any other third parties that are being linked to my name or channel. No loving person can be blamed, if somebody is misusing his positive suggestions and distort and twist them into something negative.

If you want informations about me, activate your LOVE in your heart, and ask the Cosmic Awareness, Jesus or Lightbeings. Don´t ask haters in the internet. If you are listening to hate, arrogance, ego, envy, you can´t find light and truth, and you stay traped in darkness and hate.