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Cobra Update 5-23-16… “Solar System Status Update”

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portal2012_logo_vertical175Interesting new update from Cobra.

“The Oort cloud, which extends a few light years beyond the outer Solar System, is full of motherships of the Galactic Confederation, a large gathering of representatives of hundreds of thousands of positive races from throughout the Galaxy:… They have gathered here to assist in the Compression Breakthrough.

“The Light forces… are still working on dissolving the Chimera Barrier at the termination shock region of the heliosphere in the outer Solar system… this is taking so long [because] all the Earth-originating Secret Space programs have been infiltrated by the Chimera in the last few decades:.. The Light forces are now taking certain actions to remove the Chimera infiltration from all Earth-originating Secret Space programs. Those actions do include the Stardust technology.

“The Light forces have built a network of advanced Tachyon chambers and a network of Cintamani stones on all main bodies within the Solar…

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Dr. Steven Greer on Carol Rosin Show – NEW Critical Urgent Disclosure Information – May 2016

Published on 14 May 2016

Dr. Steven Greer on the Carol Rosin Show – NEW Critical Urgent Disclosure Information

More info at

Dr. Steven Greer appeared on the Carol Rosin Show on May 13, 2016 to discuss new critical and urgent information regarding the Disclosure Movement.

WHY IS THIS URGENT? Because there has been a GRAND ESCALATION from the DIS-information camps in the public sector and media … and YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT!

The headlines and descriptions below are from Carol Rosin’s archive link for this same show. (You can follow the link here to her archived file on American Freedom Radio) We encourage you to support her sites and visit their webpages for more information.

This show’s original archive:…

(Permission has been granted by The Carol Rosin Show for us to transform into this video file. It can be shared throughout the world… we just ask that you do not change or augment this file in anyway. It must be kept in its integrity with link backs to all parties involved… listed below. Thank you!)

This YouTube link:…

About The Carol Rosin Show and American Freedom Radio:…

Carol’s website:

Sirius Disclosure main website:

The New Disclosure Campaign:

American Freedom Radio / The Carol Rosin Show Description of the interview with Dr. Greer:

“NEW CRITICAL URGENT MESSAGE from DR. STEVEN GREER! CRITICAL TIME! – NEW VITAL INFORMATION courageously discussed by Dr. STEVEN GREER on The Carol Rosin Show, May 13, 2016, ARCHIVED on DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW! A HORRIFIC HOAX is being played on all of us. Disinformation has been purposefully spread around the USA and world, including by some in the Ufology community. Dr. Greer EXPOSES THE BIGGEST LIE EVER, vitally important for all to know! He also discusses some good news about what’s happening, new developments, things we can do, and his call for more whistleblowers, and for people who have free energy devices. He announces a forthcoming important New Movie, Book, Treaty, Disclosure Peace Concert Celebration and much more.

To reach Carol:

Other videos of interest:

Dr. Carol Rosin – Von Braun’s Legacy, his message and peace in space…

Dr. Carol Rosin in the Disclosure Project –…

Apollo Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell with an IMPORTANT MESSAGE…

Music “Peace on Earth and in Space” by Pia Larsen

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The Portal – Situation Update


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Until now, the Chimera was controlling the flow of intel and communication between various factions inside our Solar System, threatening to activate strangelet and toplet bomb if information blockade would not be respected by all factions. This is how intel was compartmentalized.
Now this information barrier is slowly dissolving, various factions are beginning to communicate. The Pleiadians and other races belonging to Galactic Confederation are beginning to contact personnel in Chimera-controlled secret space programs (SSP) factions.
The Galactic Codex has been recently introduced to SSP factions in our Solar System and to many Earth subterranean factions as well. Galactic Codex is known and accepted quite universally among most of the positive races throughout the Galaxy. SSP factions are being educated right now but there is much resistance.
This is why the petition to sign the Galactic Codex has been created:
People from the surface population are welcome to sign the petition at the aforementioned link and make it viral through their own networks.
People from the secret space programs located across the Solar System and people from subterranean factions can sign the petition on their own intranet networks if it is safe for them to do so. If not, they can send a clear telepathic signal to the Pleiadians stating that they sign the petition. If they are in a position to break through the communication veils and reach the surface internet, they can sign the petition at the aforementioned link.
Galactic Codex videos have been created in many languages.
According to Dragon sources, communication between various factions below the surface of the planet has been initialized and healing of the split has begun. Resistance has communicated to me that they have attempted to reach out to Eastern Agarthan factions many times with mixed success.
On the surface of the planet, the renaissance of public private space programs continues. Bigelow Aerospace is now planning to build space stations for tourists by 2020:
I can now announce the new Ascension Conference, which will be taking place near Chania in Crete, close to one of the most important Goddess vortexes on the planet:
Again, lots of new intel will be released there, combined with amazing new Goddess energies that will assist in our inner transformation. You are more than welcome to join us on June 4thand 5th:
Victory of the Light!