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Project Serpo The Secret Exchange of Extraterrestrial Technology and Aliens [\embed]

Published on 3 Jun 2015

Many people never heard about the U.S.Government’s secret program to send 12 astronauts to an alien planet. The planet was called “Serpo” and the beings who lived there were the “Ebens” a very kind, loving race of beings.It was Ebens who were the aliens found dead(one lived,EBE-1) in the Roswell crashes.The exchange program was to take place in 1964, but the Aliens wanted to first meet with our “Leaders” and wait another year and come in 1965 for the exchange to begin.

Chris Iverson explains how the Ebens helped us reverse-engineer their antigravity spacecraft and develop technology to solve our planet-wide energy problems–knowledge still classified. Exposing the truth of human-alien interaction and interplanetary travel, Iverson reveals not only that the Ebens have returned to Earth eight times but also that our government continues to have an ongoing relationship with them–a relationship with the potential to advance the human race into the future.