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Comet ISON and Mercury’s Electrical Phenomenon Nov 12-18 2013 Return of Mythical Plasma Dragons

Gepubliceerd op 14 okt 2013

Follow Up Video Here: Comet ISON: October 19th – Our Electric Universe and the T-Junction of Mars/ISON/Earth (

Comet ISON Interview about Electrical Phenomenon & Worldwide Power Disruptions, Nov-Dec 2013

Comet ISON and Mercury’s Electrical Phenomenon Nov 12-18 2013 Return of Mythical Plasma Dragons

Comet ISON Nov 03 Triangle Conjunction What will you see next?

Orbital Diagrams:

Geologists estimate that Mercury’s iron core occupies about 42% of its volume and it has a large magnetic field, for Earth this iron core proportion is 17%. Earth however is denser overall.

Mercury’s core has a higher iron content than that of any other major planet in the Solar System. Mercury’s core makes it the most iron-rich planet in the solar system, with iron accounting for 65-70% of the planet’s mass. This should allow us from Earth to see unprecedented Magnetic Field interactions between Comet ISON, Mercury and our Sun.

Oct. 1st to Oct. 3rd comet ISON passed within 6-7 million miles of the north pole of Mars. It will pass above Earth on Dec. 26, approaching within 42 million miles.

Distance of planets from the Sun: Mars 146 million miles, Mercury 32 million, Earth 92 million.

Mars Coma Images: J7409

Mars and ISON together in shot: ITelescope New Mexico USA, 14′ APO JO6/.530 CCD STL 11000 L-2×300 Sec RGB=120 sec bin 2; 10-6-2013 Raffaele Esposito

Curiosity Rover Comet ISON coma photos from surface of Mars: COMET ISON IN ALL ITS GLORY FROM MARS!!!! TAKEN OCT 3,2013 (Includes 3 JPL images)

Mars Goes Comet and Gains a Coma!!! October 2, 2013 Update #3: Photo taken by Ari Koutsouradis on October 2, 2013 @ Westminster MD USA (You can view on Image of Mars (lower right) and Comet ISON (upper left) was taken about 5:00 AM EDT in Westminster Maryland using a Nikon D5000 and a Stellarvue 80ED telescope. It’s composed of 44 30-second exposures at ISO1600, stacked using DeepSkyStacker. Credit and copyright: Ari Koutsouradis.

Other Videos of Mars Coma:

Captured Mars Coma October 5 2013 (Rayban 2865)

Did Mars and Comet ISON React Electrically?

Mars Goes Comet and Gains a Coma!!! October 2, 2013 Update #3

Dragon and Mythical Icon Images: Symbols of an Alien Sky (; Wallace Thornhill, David Talbott (Plasma discharge streamers traveling between planets) Io Moon Eruption: The observation was made Aug. 15 using the Keck II telescope one of the biggest eruptions ever captured.

Ed Dames remote viewing video drawing/sketch: SOLAR FLARE to END HUMANITY in 2013 – REMOTE VIEWING with Major Ed Dames The Kill Shot (8:44 sec)


The shutdown of the U.S government, and the unprecedented lockdown of national sites, many of them privately owned, free and not even related to the Federal government coupled with the fact that you see both political parties in Washington D.C. stalemating the issue it is starting to show what is happening if you will look closer.

If the dollar folds there will chaos, and people will be more worried about losing their life savings than looking to the planets for signs of electrical chaos. Riots during a worldwide economic collapse will ensue and the police and armies of our world’s countries can control the citizenry.

They are locking down paths, national parks, driveways, parking lots, highways through national parks (Some not all).

We saw what ISON did to Mars when it passed. It caused the entire planet to glow with plasma. Electrically charged particles even discharged from Mars and shot into space. Is it possible that if our Earth gets charged from ISON we could suddenly find ourselves on parts of our globe without power.

Preemptive messages to prepare would panic the public. Law and order would break down almost instantly along with the economy. Who would work? All savings would be withdrawn to buy items which would run out within the first week of panic buying, long before the event actually happened. Economic meltdown is a far easier way to keep order until the last minute.

We will know within a month when November 12-18th, 2013.…


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