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Dr. Steven Greer – Types Of Aliens


Published on 10 Feb 2016

Dr. Steven M. Greer was the head ER doctor (chairman of emergency medicine) at Caldwell Memorial Hospital for 10 years and once had a 3 year old die in his arms. The ET/UFO experiences he’s having now, while coming forward with full-on disclosure is actually “harder”

Published on 28 Dec 2015

Dr Steven M. Greer. confirms that the mysterious Atacama humanoid is a real organism and is not a hoax. Whether it’s an alien or a human hybrid is yet to be determined.

Since the 6-inch tall Atacama Humanoid (nicknamed ‘Ata’) first lit up major media outlets, the public eye has looked to its strange, distended face for answers. As interest persists today people have become increasingly absorbed by the release of Dr. Steven Greer’s documentary, Sirius, which rolled out the study and DNA results of the mysterious creature. Greer has gained access to the tiny body then known as the Atacama Humanoid or the Atacama Alien since 1009.

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