You, Me & The Universe

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Tolec, Jim Nichols & Ray Kosulandich with Open Your Mind radio


Published on 14 Mar 2016

Jim Nichols, Ray Kosulandich and me/Tolec explore, discuss and answer questions regarding the changing world we are living in, how these changes affect & impact this planet, this solar system and this galaxy now and in our near future. Hosted by Alan James & Steven George of Open Your Mind radio in Ireland.


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Simon Parkes, Jim Nichols, Alex Collier & Tolec. Roundtable Announcement


Published on 16 Mar 2016

This is the formal announcement for an upcoming roundtable discussion between – Simon Parkes, Jim Nichols, Alex Collier & Tolec – scheduled for March 27, 2016 – which will be hosted by “JP”, Jay Perron, of Wolf Spirit Radio.