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Reptilian Agenda thwarted – Milky Way Galaxy Catastrophe, Year 2370

Gepubliceerd op 29 apr. 2012

April 28, 2012
Andromeda Council

Reptilian Agenda thwarted – Milky Way Galaxy Catastrophe, Year 2370. Approximately 360+ years into the future. Attempted conversion & transformation.

The ‘bigger galactic picture’ of why the Reptilians have been here on Earth, and on twenty (20) other planets, two (2) of which are very much like Earth. And their long term conversion plans for the human planets of the Milky Way galaxy.

Until the people of the Andromeda Council stepped in a few years ago… and derailed that agenda.

You can also find the written transcript for this interview on page 1. of the Andromeda Council web site:, mid-left hand side in the section called: “News Reports & Interview Transcripts”. Instructions to read &/or download are easy to follow. Look for this report under this title: “Reptilian Agenda – Milky Way Galaxy Catastrophe, Year 2370”.


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