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Benjamin Fulford: November 26, 2017

Published on 22 Nov 2017

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Message from Matthew 11-20-17… “Worldwide demands; arrests in Saudi Arabia; symptoms of intensifying energy; children, cell phones, Internet; ETs near Earth; “little greys””

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New Matthew message. The one part which initially caught my attention was the part about the “physical challenges”. In my view, I feel this Matthew message addresses it quite well.

“All of the attendant activity, known around the globe via social media and most countries’ mainstream news, is the harbinger of sweeping changes. But only the collaborators working within the light and all whose interests are profoundly adversely affected, those whose deeds are based in darkness, know that activity behind closed doors portends other monumental changes that will end the long dark reign on the planet.

“This time, in response to Gaia’s cry for help, our Earth family has the powerful assistance of light beamed from distant sources and generated on the planet by volunteers such as yourselves. The light of your inner strength, perseverance and confidence has helped embolden the populace to wage a global revolution in the name…

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Europe Fears ‘The Big One’ After 140 Earthquakes Strike The French Alps In 40 Days

Mac Slavo In recent weeks, the locals living in the Maurienne part of Savoie in the French Alps have been getting used to being shaken awake at night. The region has been rocked by 140 earthquakes in a mere 40 days sparking fears that Europe may soon experience “the big one.” Sismalp, a French earthquake organization, […]

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