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Alcyon Pleiades 34-3: FEMA guillotines, clones-doubles of famous people, Akhenaten-Obama, Beyoncé

Published on Febr. 4 2016

We are laying bare a terrible planetary situation which has no hope of being resolved since the dark forces advance incessantly, threatening and blackmailing both the defenceless population as well as many countries who are not siding with them or simply seeking to put the world on tenterhooks and under the grip of all forms of terror…
Is their coveted objective to make us live in fear, uncertainty and terror and in this endeavour, they are not in the least interested that terrorism is everywhere trying to destroy us?
Is this because something terrible is being prepared that could take place at any given moment?
Could it be that the simulated man of the future that they have for so long tried to achieve is already in full development and that it is now possible to see this in the world of show business or is it simply that there are a variety of coincidences that have no logical connection whatsoever with clones and synthetics?
What would happen if various celebrities were actually remarkable clones, copied from ancient bodies that were the originals?
Could it be that Obama, his family and Beyoncé are actually Egyptian clones and that this amazing cloning process has been applied to many other famous artists as well as to presidents and important figures of the United States who had copies of themselves?

Video created by Alcyon


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Reptilian “Mass Exit” Attempt, Massive Battle Fought on April 21st, 2016


Benjamin Fulford Report — April 26, 2016

CLS Military Report 4/24/16


I am putting on record and dating this original information.


After thousands and thousands of years, the intergalactic jurisdiction of Earth has just forcefully been passed (by default) to a new race of more peaceful aliens (with an unknown agenda). This is due to the immediate destruction of the previous controlling & Earth-residing reptilian alliance operatives.

Huge battle! The forces of the Creation Lightship Defense Fleet, combined with the Secret Time-Traveling Earth Sovereign Soldiers (, just stopped cold THE unsuccessful attempted mass exit/escape of reptilian criminals and their families!

The psychopathic reptilian alliance operatives were trying to escape their deserved justice. Their crimes and cruelty perpetrated on Earth’s people, and their destruction and pollution of thisPLANET – were legion and longstanding. Like any good plot, they simply got what was coming to them in the end.

The mass “exit attempt” battle happened all over EarthSTARTING last Thursday April 21st, 2016, and the roundup and cleanups now continue.

Thousands of the reptilian ships were destroyed. The stargates, portals, and jump-rooms everywhere are said to be littered with their bodies. No other alien races were involved. No prisoners were taken. Their genetics will not be passed on – even if they looked human.

It will take a while for this new situation to filter down to us. All kinds of others with their own agendas will probably come in and want to hide this event or alter the information, or takeCREDIT for it, as soon as they hear about it.

To keep the records accurate: On April 21st, 2016, Ron Amitron and his Creation Lightships, along with our secret Time Traveling Sovereign Earth Soldier forces were the instigators and the front line directly.

They are the only ones responsible for destroying these criminals and stopping their escape from justice.

TheCREDIT lies squarely with them. The proof is the truth of it, and that Ambassador Ron Amitron himself reported it from first hand knowledge, right on the day after. It is recorded on a dated BBS radio show archived as proof. The LightBeings and Sovereign Soldiers have no thoughts of getting credit, but I am assuring the record is clear for them.

More info will be forthcoming.


Weekly geo-political news and analysis

Message from Benjamin Fulford

Hybrid war continues with Japanese underground military bases hit as Khazarian mafia under attack around the planet


Posted by benjamin
April 26, 2016

Full Report

The battle for the planet earth has taken a dramatic turn with the destruction of three major Japanese underground bases, an accelerating hunt for Khazarian mafia oligarchs, high stakesFINANCIAL negotiations between the military industrial complex and Asian secret societies and more.

First about the earthquakes: it is a given on Japanese internet chat boards that the recent spate of earthquakes in Southern Japan were all artificial earthquakes. The evidence presented is that the seismographs all resemble earthquakes caused by explosions with a sudden huge shock followed by steadily decreasing aftershocks. See theLINKS below for evidence of this:

There were also reports of loud explosion like sounds when the earthquakes hit. Furthermore, all the earthquakes had extremely shallow epicenters going no deeper than 10 kilometers, which is very rare in natural earthquakes. In addition to this, the Japanese government earthquake prediction center said they had given up on predicting the earthquakes because they did not fit any known natural earthquake pattern. The clincher however, is that the epicenters of the three big quakes were all the locations of Japanese military bases.

If you put 1812 Oyatsu, Mashiki, Kumamoto Prefecture in on Google earth you can see the military base at the epicenter of the first earthquake. There are several unusual structures to be seen there that appear to be the entrances to underground bases. It is also worth recalling that JapaneseFINANCE Minister Taro Aso recently told American economist Paul Krugman something to the effect that the Japanese government was looking for a trigger toSTART World War 3 in order to save the economy.

Chinese government sources in Beijing recently told this writer they had identified an unusually intense build-up of military material by the Japanese government in recent months.

The bases hit are all located close to the KoreanPENINSULA where it would be easy to move large numbers of troops to the Asian mainland for a war with China. It thus appears there was a pre-emptive strike, by forces unknown, to prevent any Japanese attempt to start World War 3.

The announcement by North Korea that they had submarine based ballistic missiles was in reality a Japanese reaction to the attack on their underground bases. The message was Japan still has an intact retaliatory nuclear strike capability via their North Korean proxy. They need not worry though because nobody is planning to invade Japan.

There was also some belligerence going on last week concerning the Asian gold stashes in Indonesia. Officials at CIA Asian headquarters in Singapore last week warned the Chinese that if they tried to use their spending of tens of billions of dollars in Indonesia as a way of getting political control there, the Americans would “make a move.”

Also, in response to the Chinese offer to supply gold at a 13% discount, the Americans in Indonesia and Singapore claim they do not need it because they control a vast gold hoard near the US embassy in Jakarta, CIA agents in Indonesia say. The Indonesian government for its’ part, is laying claim to the 4000 tons of Japanese gold they say is located at the equator monument. This seems to be Indonesia’s conclusion after Vice President Jusuf Kalla secretly visited the US, Japan and China and President Joko Widodo visited Belgium, Holland and the UK. If anybody wishes to dispute this claim, they will have to be ready for war with Indonesia, the CIA sources say. However, proof of the existence of this gold remains elusive. Photographs of the site only showed construction work, not gold.

The Chinese, for their part, are getting impatient with Western, especially American, dithering on their offer to jointly set up a future planning agency and may “draw a line in the sand,” Chinese officials based in Japan say. The most likely scenario is the Chinese will simply stop accepting dollars after a certain date. The world will be offered gold backed Yuan as anALTERNATIVE, Chinese government sources say.

The Chinese are not the only people getting impatient with the Khazarian cabal. In Brazil, the military, sick and tired of watching bribed politicians try to stage a coup against President Dilma Rousseff, are getting ready to send tanks to the Congress building, US Defense Intelligence Agency sources say. The Vatican is also getting on the case to ensure there is no Khazarian coup in Brazil by organizing people power, they also note. Furthermore, BrazilianBILLIONAIRE and Khazarian honcho Joseph Safra, the world’s richest banker, has been charged with bribery. The charges are part of a Brazilian police investigation called “Operation Zealots,” that is going after the bribers of politicians, according to multiple news reports.

In Europe, the Germans are also getting fed up and have made a decision now to “turn East,” according to Pentagon sources. The attempt to extort money from Volkswagen, NSA spying, the refusal of the FederalRESERVE Board to return German gold and the sanctions against Russia have all contributed to this German decision, they say.

Also in Europe “French opposition and brexit spell the end of the TTIP TRADE deal] championed by cabal thugs Goldman Sachs and Monsanto,” one source added. In Eastern Europe, the Russians have made big moves against the cabal regime in the Ukraine. President Petro Poroshenko vanished from sight for a week and when he re-emerged, he changed Prime Ministers and suddenly became serious about implementing the Minsk peace accord with Russia. As a background to this, Ukrainian power broker, Khazarian oligarch and Israeli agent Valeriyovych Kolomoyskyi had his assets seized and he himself “may be targeted,” Russian sources say.

In the Middle East, US top general Joseph Dunford visited Egypt to help President Abdel Sisi “crush ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula and in Libya,” Pentagon sources say. The implication, of course, is that the US has decided Egypt is the most rational and reliable Sunni government in the Middle East and the US military and agencies, together with the Russians, will help them exert more influence in the region. Since ISIS is a proxy for Turkey, Israel and the Gulf Monarchies, it looks like Egypt, Russia, Syria, Iran and the US military will be working together to bring peace and rationality to that troubled region.

The fact that US President Obama has decided to release at least the Saudi part of the 28 classified pages of the 911 report makes it clear the US has decided to part ways with that regime. The FBI and the Pentagon are also planning to make sure everybody in the world hears about the Israeli “art students” found dancing for joy while filming the 911 destruction, making it clear Israel too had a big part in that mass murder incident.

There are also FBI probes going on now uncovering Khazarian mob corruption involving the New York Police Department and the New York Mayor’s office, FBI sources say. The US corporate media is also reporting on attempts by Khazarian Satanist mobster Hillary Clinton to get herself fraudulently elected, as can be seen in this New York Post headline: “Investigation into New York’s voting irregularities launched after botched presidential primary.”

Then we have the US nationwide MccLatchy Newspaper chain and many other corporate media outlets reporting on the Clinton’s Panama papers links with headlines such as: “Inside Panama Papers: multiple Clinton connections.”

Such open media exposure of their corruption and multiple investigations into their criminal activities is a sign the Clintons are basically toast which means that their backers like George Soros, the Rockefellers, the Bushes etc. are also going to be toast.

The ongoing collapse of the big banks that own the FederalRESERVE Board is now being discussed by the US military and agencies as a national security issue of highest importance. What the brass need to understand is that the United States is the most highly indebted country in the history of this planet. The United States of America Corporation is bankrupt. The Republic of the United States of America does not have to assume their debts if it is restored.

America’s creditors, mainly the Asians, have offered the restored Republic vast amounts of gold in exchange for paper. The condition is that they agree to set up a meritocratically staffed future planning agency under equal East/West control. The Asians are waiting for an answer but if none is forthcoming, as mentioned above, they will act independently. In such a case it is a mathematical certainty the US economy will implode.

Also, the man who can put a definitive end to the Khazarian mafia take-over of the United States remains General Joseph Dunford. General Dunford will you grasp the horns of destiny and help save the planet, or will you go down in history as the man who missed his chance to make history?

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Putin reveals Alien Hybrids (Reptilians) are the Ruling Class

Published on 15 Apr 2016

Shockwaves are reverberating around the Kremlin today as word spreads regarding an extraordinary meeting called by Vladimir Putin yesterday where, according to sources, the Russian president said that “95% of the world’s ruling class are not even human,” but are “cold-blooded hybrids” who are “members of an ancient cult.”

Resisting gentle attempts by close aides to stop the President ‘going there,’ Putin said that the evidence was everywhere, and that he personally had intimate knowledge of their dealings. He said that he was not one of them, but they are afraid of him and have attempted to lure him into their “ancient Babylonian cult.”

Key Words: Positive Side of 2012. Benjamin Fulford, QTZ1007, David Wilcock, Illuminati, Cabal, Criminal Banking Cartel, The Elite, Panama Papers, David Wilcock Coast to Coast AM Radio, consciousness, the event is coming soon, Free Energy, Keshe Foundation, The Planet Daily News, SGT Report, WeAreAwake, We are Change, Benjamin Fulford, MLordandGod, Light Alliance, Galactic Federation of Light, The Event is coming Soon, Karen Hudes, Positive Side of 2012, The Alex Jones Channel, UFOs, Alien

1) Original Article:…
2) Source Video:
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“Ambient Ambulance”


US/Soros Attack Putin w/Panama Papers says WikiLeaks

Published on 6 Apr 2016

“US government, Soros funded Panama Papers to attack Putin – WikiLeaks – Washington is behind the recently released offshore revelations known as the Panama Papers, WikiLeaks has claimed, saying that the attack was “produced” to target Russia and President Putin.

#PanamaPapers Putin attack was produced by OCCRP which targets Russia & former USSR and was funded by USAID & Soros.

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) April 5, 2016

On Wednesday, the international whistle blowing organization said on Twitter that the Panama Papers data leak was produced by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), “which targets Russia and [the] former USSR.” The “Putin attack” was funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and American hedge fund billionaire George Soros, WikiLeaks added, saying that the US government’s funding of such an attack is a serious blow to its integrity.

The US OCCRP can do good work, but for the US govt to directly fund the #PanamaPapers attack on Putin seriously undermines its integrity.

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) April 5, 2016

US govt funded #PanamaPapers attack story on Putin via USAID. Some good journalists but no model for integrity.

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) April 6, 2016

Organizations belonging to Soros have been proclaimed to be “undesirable” in Russia. Last year, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office recognized Soros’s Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation as undesirable groups, banning Russian citizens and organizations from participation in any of their projects.

Prosecutors then said the activities of the institute and its assistance foundation were a threat to the basis of Russia’s constitutional order and national security. Earlier this year, the billionaire US investor alleged that Putin is “no ally” to US and EU leaders, and that he aims “to gain considerable economic benefits from dividing Europe.”

#PanamaPapers leak not specifically directed against Russia – ICIJ head…

— RT (@RT_com) April 5, 2016

“The American government is pursuing a policy of destabilization all over the world, and this [leak] also serves this purpose of destabilization. They are causing a lot of people all over the world and also a lot of money to find its way into the [new] tax havens in America. The US is preparing for a super big financial crisis, and they want all that money in their own vaults and not in the vaults of other countries,” German journalist and author Ernst Wolff told RT.

Earlier this week, the head of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which worked on the Panama Papers, said that Putin is not the target of the leak, but rather that the revelations aimed to shed light on murky offshore practices internationally. “It wasn’t a story about Russia. It was a story about the offshore world,” ICIJ head Gerard Ryle told TASS.

His statement came in stark contrast to international media coverage of the “largest leak in offshore history.” Although neither Vladimir Putin nor any members of his family are directly mentioned in the papers, many mainstream media outlets chose the Russian president’s photo when breaking the story.

“We have innuendo, we have a complete lack of standards on the part of the western media, and the major mistake made by the leaker was to give these documents to the corporate media,” former CIA officer Ray McGovern told RT. “This would be humorous if it weren’t so serious,” he added.

“The degree of Putinophobia has reached a point where to speak well about Russia, or about some of its actions and successes, is impossible. One needs to speak [about Russia] in negative terms, the more the better, and when there’s nothing to say, you need to make things up,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said, commenting on anti-Russian sentiment triggered by the publications.
Panama Papers not ‘responsible journalism,’ should be released in full

WikiLeaks spokesman and Icelandic investigative journalist Kristinn Hrafnsson has called for the leaked data to be put online so that everybody could search through the papers. He said withholding of the documents could hardly be viewed as “responsible journalism.”

#PanamaPapers: If you censor more than 99% of the documents you are engaged in 1% journalism by definition.

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) April 6, 2016

The WikiLeaks spokesman also told RT he’s not surprised that there have been no big American names in the leaked 11.5 million documents of the Panamanian law company.

“It seems to be skewed at least a way from American interest.…

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Tall Whites Are Real – DNA Evidence

Published on 27 Feb 2015

This is an excerpt from “My mum talks to aliens”. The Tall Whites are an extraterrestrial race thats believed to be on Earth at the present moment. Retired political officials and military veterans have brought forward their testimony claiming to have had contact with these beings.

Charles Hall Television Interview:

Published on 27 Feb 2015

Charles Hall and his wife interviewed on an Australian news broadcast discussing the Tall Whites that Charles Hall had personal contact with while working as a weather observer in the Airforce in the late 1960’s

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Andromedan Message: “THE FENCE IS DOWN”

Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6
Part 7Part8Part 9Part 10 Part 11
Part 12

Published on 16 Jan 2016

These next 12 x (approx. 15 min vids), was put together to give YOU INSPIRING SOULS, some sort of UPDATE, on what’s TRULLY GOING ON…ON…&…OFF WORLD.




The information/ knowledge/ wisdom contained within this series is SO IMPORTANT, that I may have taken some liberties, getting this VITAL INFO to YOU, THE PEOPLE.

If you wish, check out the links below, for access to the original interviews, where this information was derived..

BIG SHOUT-OUT TO TANAATH, SUNFIRE and ALEX COLLIER for all your hard work…getting the word out, over the years. The financial hardships, the isolation, the ridicule, the threats on your lives and those of your families. You are absolute HEROES in my book.


Viva La Liberta!
Love Always

Rainbow Lightbeing
30th January 2016

Here’s a link to Tanaath’s SILVER LEGION WEBSITE

Link to Sunfire’s GALACTIC FEDERATION OF PLANETS You Tube Channel…

Link to Alex Collier & The Andromedans info website

Link to LIVE WEBINAR BOOKINGS with Alex Collier info website

Link to Alex Collier You Tube channel / playlists…

Link to Tolec’s ANDROMEDA COUNCIL You Tube Channel…

Link to Ray Kosulandich 33 STAR PEOPLE You Tube Channel…

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Who benefits from the world conflict? Or ALLATRA IPM refers to dignity, freedom and human rights.

Published on 1 Apr 2016

This is a video appeal to the international community regarding outrageous events and abuses of human rights and liberties, which have recently taken place in Ukraine. Fake programs, pseudo-investigations and slanders by dishonest journalists of Ukrainian TV channels. Reputation of public figures and the ALLATRA International Public Movement is being undermined. Facts, comments, documentary material, international documents on human rights protection. Lamentable status of the freedom of speech, made-to-order persecution of Igor Danilov whom people in many countries call the Man of Peace. Being Christian, he publicly supported true Islam and unity of all people on the planet. The video addresses vital issues of international journalism: why are news on examples of kindness, humaneness, mutual assistance and friendship between nations, positive changes in different countries and regions of the world being shamefully ignored? Are international laws practically implemented by the global community? And who prevents us from living in peace with each other and at peace with ourselves?

Published on 4 Apr 2016

Mária Magdaléna bola čistá dušou i telom, ako kvapka rannej rosy v žiari slnka Krista. Mária Magdaléna bola a dodnes zostáva Pochodňou na oltári Lásky Krista. V skutočnosti bola čistá, krásna, múdra, nezištná a milosrdná. A hoci Mária pochádzala z celkom bohatej rodiny, dobrovoľne sa vzdala všetkých privilégií a vysokého postavenia v spoločnosti len kvôli tomu, aby bola s Ježišom a mohla Jemu pomáhať.
Knihy možno stiahnuť zadarmo na


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Kerry Cassidy Humans are a Mixture of 12 Extraterrestrial Races

Published on 9 Jul 2015

Kerry Cassidy will cover whistleblower testimony, False Flags, and the agenda for takeover, ETs, Artificial Intelligence and the NWO, along with an obsession with following an ‘armageddon-like” timeline. I will discuss how this may all play out, the balance between light and dark and how the Illuminati and their ET handlers are influencing events.

KERRY’S BLOG has gone viral and become a must see news commentary space picked up by alternative news organizations around the world. Kerry travels the world conducting interviews and documenting the testimony of whistleblowers with above top secret clearances as well as authors, researchers and experiencers covering conspiracies, the secret space program, black projects, ETs, kundalini and ascension and free energy