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Russia Spills the Beans: Antarctica, It’s Not What We’re Being Told! Will This be the Real Jurassic Park?

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Ground-penetrating radar has discovered another continuent under the Antarctic ice. Is this the fallen angelic civilization that has captured the interest of world leaders, and particularly the Vatican? There’s a ban on Antarctica, now see why. Plus the Venomous 14-Arm Octopus!


From DaVineVigilent

From Night Terrors

Russian Scientists in Antarctica battle Organism 46b, Antarctic Creature, Lake Vostok Octopus

Organism 46b hunts by first paralyzing its prey with venom. The strange creature seizes and dismembers prey using a powerful beak, breaking the food source into pieces.

The ancients believed in monsters of the deep, serpents hiding under the waves, threatening to capsize the heavy crawling ships of men. Today there is no ocean or lake that has not been probed and found wanting for sea monsters. Except for the freshwater lakes buried beneath the ice of Antarctica.

There is a hidden continent under the ice cap of Antarctica. Ground penetrating…

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Shroud of Turin Authenticity Confirmed by One of the World’s Top Experts!

Published on 10 Feb 2017

Shroud of Turin Authenticity Confirmed by One of the World’s Top Experts! The information contained in this video is absolutely amazing, to say the least! Listen and watch as the world’s leading expert on Shroud research confirms the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin! You will be amazed!

Published on 8 May 2016

Do you want your LIGHT and the light of those you LOVE to shine forever?
The Shroud witness is telling you this is possible!
This video should have 7 billion views. It is important news for every person on this Earth. Unless one does not think eternal life and where they may be for all eternity is a matter of importance.
IT is about knowing every innocent victim of a wrongful death at the hands of some sick creep in the world is NOT DEAD, but their light shines in a new place and in a new body and you can be re united with that son or daughter, husband or wife, brother or sister, friend or family member.
Guns, knives and stabbing weapons cannot kill the light that emits from your DNA which contains all of your life memories and information. The body may die but the light within it can last forever.
The Shroud witness tells us this is true.
. Spirit of God knows how to create things that move fast and will last forever. The Shroud witness brings us all very good news!
Instructions of How to bring a dead body back to life are written out on the Shroud. The Shroud is a witness that can tell us exactly how many times one photon of light is emitted in each second from DNA during the Resurrection process and what type of light it is. Medical doctors and physicians would empty their bank accounts in a New York second to know what he knows. Some would trade their very souls to gain access to his files.
The Shroud of Turin is not only a credible witness who knows details that only someone at the crime scene could possibly know but is also the witness to the resurrection. This is a witness who has knowledge and understanding of superior technology that is so advanced that people would pay billions of dollars to have it.
This is a witness that has knowledge that would make all of the most powerful nuclear weapons and all of the gold on the on the planet look pale in comparison. It is a message of great hope and possibility The Shroud witness shares with us and is offering us a great reward that is still the within grasp of nearly every living person regardless of present faith or lack thereof. But the offer is not just sitting on the table for ever to think over.
The sand in the hourglass is nearly empty.
For the impatient person please go to the final 3 minutes of the video to understand how that is possible.
The Shroud witness will tell you that 48 to 72 hours after death Jesus returns back to his body in his original form of light and as a result there is interaction between the cloth and the body which leaves his image behind on it.
That is in agreement with the Gospel account and the forensic evidence on the Shroud. This is in part due to the laser like light emitting from the DNA of Jesus, this process was amplified during the resurrection. It is a scientific fact all people emit light from their DNA, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year.WE are all beings of light. In each second our own DNA is producing up to 1 million photons of laser like light in the UV range in When we get in close proximity to the creator of the DNA it becomes excited and oscillates faster and moves with more velocity.
How much love we have for others determines how many photons of light we produce each second. Some bodies produce more light than others.

The more love we have for others the more light we produce, the brighter we shine, the less love for others the dimmer we are. Some people out there do not produce any light at all, their eyes are black and they will be separated from light. Light and darkness cannot share the same space together.
The Shroud is the witness to the Resurrection. That is its main purpose. To give testimony to the truth. Mark Evans’s microphotographs show that adjacent individual fibres can be either stained or not, so the resolution of the “printer” cannot be poorer than the width of a fibre, say 50um.
That’s 20 000 “dots per cm.” As the shroud is roughly 400 x 100 cm, the number of laser beams to discolor the entire shroud would be 800 000 000. I do not know how much of the Shroud is actually taken up by the body images, but if, for convenience, we said one-eighth, then 100 million individual beams would be enough to produce the images.
May the Holy Spirit Rest upon You as you view the video! Amen

Published on 20 May 2017

This is the only video in the world that shows what an actual dead, scourged and crucified body would like laid over the top of the Shroud of Turin!
We are the 1st to do it on film!

OUT OF RESPECT FOR YOUR TIME, We cut this down from it’s original 38 minutes down to 18 minutes. THE FOCUS OF THIS VIDEO IS ANSWERING ONE PRIMARY QUESTION…



This video gets into the heart and soul of the Shroud of Turin case file!

Here are the 12 tests done on the blood done by Dr. Alan Adler and Dr. John Heller who photos can be seen in this video

1. High iron in blood areas by X-ray fluorescence
2.Indicative reflection spectra
3. Indicative microspectrophotometric transmission spectra
4. Chemical generation of characteristic porphyrin fluorescence
5. Positive hemochromogen tests
6. Positive cyanomethemoglobin tests
7. Positive detection of bile pigments
8. Positive demonstration of protein
9. Positive indication of albumin
10. Protease tests, leaving no residue
11. Positive immunological test for human albumin
12. Microscopic appearance as compared with appropriate controls
13. 13. Forensic judgment of the appearance of the various wound and blood marks
14. Elevated levels of bilirubin in the blood

`That means that the red stuff on the Shroud is emphatically, and without any reservation, nothing else but B-L-O-O-D!'”


List of Numerous surgeons, forensic pathologists and blood chemistry experts who have examined Shroud

1. Dr. Frederick Zugibe (Medical Examiner – Rockland, New York),
2. Dr. Robert Bucklin (Medical Examiner – Las Vegas, Nevada),
3. Dr. Herman Moedder (Germany), t
4. Dr. Pierre Barbet (France),
5. Dr. David Willis (England))
6. Dr. Baima Bollone Italy
7. Dr. Alan Adler USA
8. Dr. John Heller USA
Words, Weapons and Wounds, and agree that the words of the New Testament regarding the Passion clearly match the wounds depicted on the Shroud, and that these wounds are consistent with the weapons used by ancient Roman soldiers in Crucifixion.

There are some diamond shots of an actual life cast human body 5’11” laid over a life size replica of the Shroud that is for the most part, forensically accurate to the wounds suffered by the Man in the Shroud/Jesus.

Body used in film is LIFE CAST from a Man 5′ 11 The skin is made of flexible rubber and has skin pores, veins and fingerprints.
It is about 80% forensically accurate to the Man in the Shroud
It is NOT a mannequin.
All props used in the film are museum quality and are the best there is available to obtain on this Earth.

We thank the Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua) for his immense help in getting this video completed and uploaded. . Of our own power we can do nothing.

In a perfect world with an unlimited bank account I am sure we could all make perfect videos. Bear in mind I am just one person doing EVERYTHING!

If you can do better please do so!

Like all our videos, it is a “take it or leave it type presentation” All comments are moderated now so If at all humanly possible try and restrain yourself from making a negative comment if you do not like it. Make your own video and present your own case!

This is by no means a complete video.

We are currently working on Part 2 of this video will take several weeks to complete. The audio track is done. We are adding images now.

In the meantime, May The Holy Spirit of our Lord Jesus Rest Upon You While You Watch This Video…..AMEN!

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Sheldan Nidle Update 4-25-17

Another latest Sheldan update. “Your world continues to slowly unravel. We are finding daily how the dark and its whole host of minions are able to permit an unusual degree of “slowdowns”. This strange procedure is seemingly mitigating the reasons behind the new security prevalent in the entire delivery system. “…the dark now fully realizes […]

via Sheldan Nidle Update 4-25-17… — Kauilapele’s Blog

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The Most Dangerous Philosophy: What The Oligarchs Don’t Want You To Know

Published on 17 Apr 2017


Derrick Broze of joins us once again to discuss his latest book, co-authored with John Vibes, Manifesto of the Free Humans. From the theory and practice of agorism and the importance of language in shaping our thought and action to the immigration debate and the creation of a new intentional community centered on conscious agorism, Broze outlines the world of free humanity in 2017.

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Benjamin Fulford 3-20-17… “Rothschilds surrender US Corporation bankrupt USA Republic accepts shared human destiny”

New weekly report from Ben. I’d say the most surprising (maybe not) part is the news about Tillerson. I will be addressing how to help Benjamin (who has had his PayPal account and income frozen) in a separate post (I wanted to wait until this week’s report came out). “The Satan worshipping cabal suffered crushing […]

via Benjamin Fulford 3-20-17… “Rothschilds surrender US Corporation bankrupt USA Republic accepts shared human destiny” — Kauilapele’s Blog

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Shocking truth about rockets

Published on 15 Jan 2016

The only possibility to save the Earth’s biosphere is the removal of techno-sphere beyond its limits. Industrial exploration of space is the main challenge and primary task for mankind in the XXI century. However, rockets are an extremely inefficient and dangerous type of transport that is not suitable to perform this vitally important mission. The whole truth about rockets and the possibility of non-rocket space exploration, about the most ambitious project in the history of mankind is in the next news release from the SkyWay International group of Companies. Learn about how the humanity can save the planet Earth!

SkyWay website:
Dr. Anatoly Yunitskiy website:

Cosmism. Planet − for life, space − for industrial technologies :

30 January 2014

Humanity has no experience of industrial development of near-Earth space. And what should be the space industry? What are its functions, what are the amounts and types of manufactured products? Where, basically, will these products be consumed — in space or on Earth? A lot of questions can be asked. And it is impossible to give definite answers on them. Everything will depend on the specific paths of development, which our civilization on Earth will select. The civilization embarked on the technocratic way of development thousands of years ago. Yet we, the living, did not choose in the past particularly this path of intellectual development of civilization and we are not in power to change this vector in the future.

Primitive technologists and their tribesmen, stuffing skins and preparing food over a campfire, died at the age of 20 from lung cancer. Until they thought to bring these technologies out of their house — from a cave.

Tens of thousands of years had passed. And here modern production designers and their countrymen argue passionately about what corner of the rooms of our common home, called “Biosphere”, must be used for building a nuclear power plant, and what corner shall be used to bury its radioactive waste for thousands of years. Where billions of tons of steel should be smelted and where coal, oil and natural gas should be produced. And then — where and how will they be burnt? Where should carbon dioxide be disposed of and how should the roof of their house, the ozone layer be “safely” destroyed? And they even get the Nobel prizes for that. And finally, how can they “ecologically pure” do dirt not only in the corners but in the center of these rooms, without asking the opinion of the majority of residents — not only third world countries, but also the dumb creatures, called “flora” and “Fauna”.

There is only one outcome. We need to wind up our brain and courage of a primitive man and take out the environmentally hazardous industries beyond our biospheric home, which is in the nearest space. There are ideal conditions for the most modern technologies there — zero gravity and high vacuum. A natural ecologically pure thermonuclear reactor called the “Sun” works year-round, day and night, for the past 5 billion years there. This reactor will provide extraterrestrial industry with energy for millions of years of subsequent development without any side effects of the “Chernobyl” type.  . There are endless commodity, energy, technology, and spatial resources there.

Moreover, there will be no ecological problems from the biospheric point of view in space — dead industrial waste cannot change the ecology of the same dead environment. Even the explosions of super new stars is a common thing there, which is difficult to imagine. What can be changed in space by a plant, smelting some billion tons of foam-steel per year, which is lighter than water, but it will be stronger than regular steel and will serve to humanity on Earth without traces of corrosion for hundreds of years? Or a plant that produces several thousand tons of unique medicines that can be obtained only in the conditions of zero gravity?

There should be objective reasons in the future to move the sphere of material production almost entirely in space. At the same time, humanity as a biological species of living organisms on our planet, is the product of several billion years of evolution on our Earth. We are ideally adapted to Earth’s gravity, Earth’s atmosphere, magnetic and electric fields of Earth, Earthly food and other things of the Earth. We even do not think about it, but cannot exist without it not only today but in the foreseeable future. Nowhere in this vast Universe for us, people of Earth, there cannot be a more suitable environment than on our beautiful blue planet. Therefore, the main consumer of products of the space industry will be on Earth, and this means billions of people. For this reason, the traffic on the route “Earth — Orbit — Earth” must be millions, and eventually billions of tons of cargo per year.

Of course, having mastered space as a new environment with conditions that are fundamentally different from those that we have on Earth, part of the humanity, who wants to live in space, will transform itself under these conditions over time. However, unlike fish, which in prehistoric times went out on the land and eventually brought about the emergence of man on the planet, space man will evolve consciously. However, this is a very remote perspective that can not be perceived by a rational understanding.

In the entire history of rocket space exploration not more than 500 tons of cargo annually was carried out into the orbit, and that is the average altitude of 300 km. One horse harnessed in a good cart will perform the same transport work on the planet (up to 500 tons per year at a distance of 300 km). Just like one cart will not be able to serve the transport needs of 7 billion people (let’s try to remove mentally all traffic from the planet, except for one cart), in the future the one and only “space wagon” will not be able to serve the needs of the space industry, confined to the needs of billions of people of the Earth. In addition, it will be very expensive — the total expenses exceed a trillion dollars for 56 years of the space age (a cart, made in the form of a diamond, would cost much cheaper). Delivery of 1 ton of cargo into the orbit by a carrier rocket will not cost less than USD 10 million. Moreover, it is estimated that about 100 launches of heavy carrier rockets of the American “Space Shuttle” type a year (and it is not more than 2,000 tons of cargo per year) will lead to irreversible negative environmental changes, including those in the ozone layer of the planet. In this regard, the Russian carrier rocket “Proton-M” is not better. It bears hundreds of tons of fuel (heptyl) — more toxic substance than, for example, potassium cyanide.

The situation will not be improved by the “Space elevator”, which is being developed in our days by the specialists of the American space agency NASA (the idea of the elevator belongs to the Russian scientist K. Tsiolkovsky and Russian engineers Y. Artsutanov and G. Polyakov). It is a self-supporting  ribbon-like cable with a length of about 100 thousand km and a mass of not less than 1 million tons of heavy-duty material (stronger than steel by thousands of times), attached to the equator of the planet at one end. It will annually deliver not more than 2.5 tons of various cargoes to the orbit. That means that it will be only 5 “space wagons” at the unspeakably expensive cost — just like made of diamonds.

We do not know how space technology will develop in the future. We do not know the future discoveries either. Such forecast is unseemly, and, in general, meaningless enterprise. To verify this, suffice it to recall the naive scientific predictions made 50 or 100 years ago. The only thing we can say with full confidence is that whatever the technology appears, it will obey the fundamental laws of material Nature. Such laws, repeatedly proven in practice, will remain valid in the future. In mechanics these laws include four laws of conservation, which summarize all other private conservation laws, namely: laws of energy, momentum, angular momentum and motion of the center of system’s mass. All modern transport is designed under these laws— carts, bicycles, cars, trains, airplanes, helicopters, rockets. And the future space transport will not be an exception.

Optimization of space transportation system, based on fundamental laws of physics, has led the Russian engineer A. Yunitsky in 1977 to the creation of a perfect solution — a planetary transport vehicle (PTV). It is the one and only self-supporting aircraft, made in the form of a torus with a cross-section of several meters, covering the planet in a plane parallel to the equator (see, for example, part 2 of the monograph “Global vehicle“, the book is in Russian). Such vehicle will be able to bring millions tons of cargo and millions of passengers to the orbit per one flight. And the cost of delivery to the orbit will be less than USD 1 per kilogram. That is, the cost of a passenger ticket to the orbit will be about USD 100, with the comfort of travelling better than that in modern trains.

To perform the same amount of transport work, which will be done by only one PTV trip, modern cosmonautics would need about 60 thousand years. That is, the launches of first space shuttles had to start in prehistoric times, when Neanderthals learned how to yield fire.

The planetary vehicle is the only technical solution by which a transport system is able to deliver loads to different circular Equatorial orbits without the use of jet engines. And the only solution that can use the most environmentally friendly “principle of Baron Munchausen” for exit into space, as during the operation of the PTV position of its center of mass does not change in space. Due to it, the vehicle can go out into space, using only the internal forces of the system, without any energy, mechanical, chemical and other kinds of interaction with the environment, that is, it will be extremely environmentally friendly. Moreover, at cargo traffic “Space — Earth” exceeding return traffic “Earth — Space”, the PTV will be able to function in the mode of “perpetual motion”. Excess kinetic and potential energy of the space cargo delivered to the planet, will be sufficient for the following start of the PTV from the planet to the orbit (each “extra” ton of cargo, ecologically cleanly launched from the orbit to the earth’s surface, will be is equivalent to 5 tons of oil by its energy capacity).

Only the stretched filament with infinitely small transverse dimensions relative to the length (a ratio of 1:10,000,000) can be a sustainable self-supporting construction. Therefore, PTV is a type of string transport technologies, otherwise this “wheel” with the diameter of more than 12 thousand km and only a few meters in cross-section, would lose stability in the orbit. It is from this project that in the same 1977 RSW-technologies (string ground transport) “spun off”. During the optimization process, the author had to simplify the flyover and make it less costly. The PTV was supposed to start from that flyover into space. Optimization led to a pre-stressed (stretched) construction of the flyover, on which it was only left to put a rail vehicle and provide the corresponding rails.

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US University Testing Animals in Pacific for Fukushima Radiation Get Shocking Results

I was also wondering, and therefore was searching for all the possible consequences of  nuclear pollution from the French experiments in the past, The DARPA and other military purposes, etc.

Geoengineering and the Nuclear Connection

Gepubliceerd op 2 mei 2016

Thousands of gallons of radioactive waste are estimated to have leaked at a Manhattan Project-era nuclear storage tank in Washington State, triggering an alarm and causing a former worker to label it as “catastrophic.” The leak comes as 20 workers were sent for medical evaluations after inhaling chemical vapors in the vicinity of the leaking nuclear waste tank, which was being transferred. RT America’s Alexey Yaroshevsky reports from the site.

Gepubliceerd op 3 mei 2016

Alex Lawson, Social Security Works & Sarah Badawi, Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) join Thom. With Special Panel Guest – Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear. Radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster is still crossing the Pacific – contaminating air and water along the way. But there’s a much bigger nuclear threat that’s been sitting on America’s west coast for nearly 70 years. We’ll be talking about the nuclear threat in America’s Pacific Northwest.

For more information on the stories we’ve covered visit our websites at – – and You can also watch tonight’s show on Hulu – at BIG PICTURE and over at The Big Picture YouTube page. And – be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter!