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Meet Shane: Stargate Repair and Daily Life on a Peace-Keeping Starship – November 15, 2016

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Published on 15 Nov 2016

In this ground-breaking interview, Alexandra introduces Shane, a galactic council diplomat and stargate-repair engineer. Shane responded to Alexandra’s call for Ambassadors and Guardians, especially those working out of the limelight, to make contact at Galactic Connection. This will be the first of a series of interviews Alexandra will conduct with Shane, as with other new faces in the ascension and exo-political communities. As always, questions from listeners are welcome for the upcoming interviews.

Shane’s near-complete memories of his nightly dreamtime life aboard a vast and ancient inter-galactic starship provide endlessly fascinating material for this introductory interview. Shane credits his ‘grandfather’ Samantha/Sananda/Jesus with his earliest awakening. He awoke to his nightly adventures when several ETs appeared, an elf ‘king’ and a reptilian among them, in response to a personal appeal.

Shane’s comments reflect on the big issues, such as ascension and the ongoing successes of the light forces, but also provide extraordinary insights into the more mundane elements of daily, or rather nightly, life aboard his vessel, which he calls a ‘satellite’.

This enormous ship is of tremendous age, and has an endless variety of species aboard. Its inhabitants are unified in their long-term peacekeeping aims and self-imposed tasks of intergalactic environmental care, such as repairing stargates, a job Shane performs.

Adding to the Star Wars atmosphere of this gigantic globe, there is plentiful mercantile activity aboard. Shane’s tales of bartering and bantering among species are unforgettable. So are his more in-depth portrayals of individuals, including a female Draco reptilian, a guardian and mentor of sorts.

Shane is open about the differences between the many species — arrayed across several different dimensions — that are aboard the ship. Differences in cultural norms extend even to differences over tactical issues. But the common, unifying mission is non-military and non-violent and in service of the light. Through councils of equals, the Yoda-like Elder, and the conscious, organic ship itself, they maintain a harmony of purpose above the differences.

Shane details his weekly schedule, the layout of the ship, its marvelous gardens and libraries, its varied inhabitants, and the fascinating places in the omni-verse he has visited, including other galaxies, Inner Earth, Shangri-La, and Camelot.

Alexandra’s opening message is also important: as of this last weekend Mother Earth has entered a new phase of release and taken a new breath of freedom. This may be accompanied in our 3d/4d worlds by pensiveness and other symptoms of clearing. Take a breath, rest a spell; we are in for an accelerated ride the rest of the year.

Shane may be reached by personal messaging him through his facebook account.…

Questions for Shane’s next interview may be addressed to
Please write “Questions for Shane” in the subject line.

The views and opinions expressed herein are those of person(s) interviewed and do not necessarily reflect those of Alexandra Meadors and Galactic Connection.

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"Hidden manna from the promised "White Stone", Rev 2:17 P1446:5, 131:3.3 . . . It is evil to see sin where there is no sin; TO SEE NO SIN WHERE THERE IS SIN. Evil is the path of FALSE DOCTRINES. Those who avoid evil BY SEEING THINGS AS THEY ARE gain joy by thus embracing the truth. Make an end of your misery BY LOATHING SIN. When you look up to the Noble One, turn away from sin with a whole heart. Make no apology for evil; MAKE NO EXCUSE FOR SIN. By your efforts to make amends for past sins you acquire strength to resist future tendencies thereto. Restraint is born of repentance. Leave no fault unconfessed to the Noble One. 131:3.4 (1447.1) “Cheerfulness and gladness are the rewards of deeds well done and to the glory of the Immortal. No man can rob you of the liberty of your own mind. When the faith of your religion has emancipated your heart, when the mind, like a mountain, is settled and immovable, then shall the peace of the soul flow tranquilly like a river of waters. Those who are sure of salvation are forever free from lust, envy, hatred, and the delusions of wealth. While faith is the energy of the better life, nevertheless, must you work out your own salvation with perseverance. If you would be certain of your final salvation, then make sure that you sincerely seek to fulfill all righteousness. Cultivate the assurance of the heart which springs from within and thus come to enjoy the ecstasy of eternal salvation. ~~ Urantia Book Paper 131 ~~

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