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Is the moon shifting?

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Please go to this link for the complete photo library of the moon for 2013 in super high resolution to see that the moon is wobbling and showing parts of the surface that was nevder visible before.. 2012 Library coming soon.

Have you noticed the suns location has changed in our sky

Below you will also see high resolution images of the moon shift.

see complete photo album at this link

 Below you will find videos, Information about the pole shift and my pictures of the full moon as the earth did a pole shift about two months ago. You will see images of the moons face being changed, which it is said to be impossible as they say that our view of the moon never changes..

asked by Daniel j Towsey April 29th 2012 below you will find response I collected from different sites and compiled here..

Has anyone noticed that the earths rotation has changed and that the sun is rising and going down much further over from where it use too do it?

Have you noticed that the sun no longer goes straigth across the sky and that instead it has an elliptical path?

I am a photographer and I have many sunrise and sunset pictures and I assure you the sun’s location has changed in our sky…

I have the photos to prove it.. So the pole shift and the crust shifting on the fluid mantle has already happened..

and it may still be happening..

Another thing I noticed. It gets dark out here in Nova Scotia at 10:30 pm and the sun starts coming up just after four am. We now have only six hours of darkness.. We used to get  eight hours of darkness at this time of the year, that being the middle of june.


Here are four of my images of the moon taken in the past year.

You can click on them for full sized view.

Polar shift of the MOON Captured on film.

(NOTE from Daniel..the person doing this video does not realize that it is the earth that shifted. That is obvious when he flips his image..the moon was not egg was the earth that shifted) REPORT: In January 2011, people around the world reported that the moon looked “larger and egg shaped”. We photographed the moon in it’s many phases from January until August and found something so incredible that is not being reported! Please see the video for the rest. contact: for more information.  all photos copyright by The Truth Denied

For current moon phases, click this link. Photos are updated every 4 hours of the moon.

“No other rayed crater has such a conspicuous dark collar.

The dark annulus maps out the distribution of a nearly continuous veneer of dark, glassy impact melt.

Tycho has such a conspicuous nimbus because the crater is so young that its melt deposits have not been pulverized and mixed in with surrounding rocks by myriads of small impacts. That steady process also contributes, in a billion years or so, to the removal of bright crater rays.

The Moon deplores extremes of brightness.”
“Tycho is a relatively young crater, with an estimated age of 108 million years (Ma), based on analysis of samples of the crater rays recovered during the Apollo 17 mission. This age suggests that the impactor may have been a member of the Baptistina family of asteroids, but as the composition of the impactor is unknown this is currently conjecture. However, simulation studies give a 70 percent probability that the crater was created by a fragment from the same break-up that created asteroid 298 Baptistina;[1] a larger asteroid from the same family may have been the impactor responsible for creating Chicxulub Crater on Earth 65 million years ago (mya), and causing the extinction of the dinosaurs.” Wikepedia

Moon Phase Calendar Research

Music written by Kevin MacLeod Royalty Free Music
Song title :Constancy
At Rest &
website is[]=Unnerving&page=1

Tycho is the source of one of Luna’s most easily identifiable features the massive ray system that dominates the southern hemisphere.

Awakening Message | Teachings from the Pleiadians Full

Coming Polar Shift – The Horizon Project


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Pole Shift May Be Imminent  Please Educate yourself

Earth’s Force Field
The Earths magnetic field, the protector of all life on Earth is under constant attack from deadly cosmic radiation.

This invisible shield that we live in is weakening in a region over the South Atlantic, leaving it exposed to potentially lethal radiation.

Is the Earth losing its magnetic field and doomed to a fate similar to Mars? Many scientists believe the answer lies in paleomagnetic data, and that this weakening may be a precursor to a magnetic field reversal; scientists know Earth is long overdue.

However, humans were not around when the last reversal took place, so what does this mean for life?


With everyone looking up at the moon for the eclipse and all of the news accounts of the event, why have the obvious differences not been reported?

ATTN: Earth Is Shifting South…!!!

The Earth’s Western Hemisphere is shifting in a Southern direction, and making the North Pole appear to be moving North towards Russia at 40 miles per year.

greenland sun rises two days early:

Your COMPASS may now be wrong! quote “hikers off course” – POLE SHIFT – Fox news – Feb 25,

then watch the videos

mass animal deaths

Zodiac Signs Change due to Polar Shift: Get your new Sign

Changing runways to meet the new north is rare:

Native American Fish Trap

Asian Trail Spring Trap

Bird Trap Snare

Sustainable Shelter

Half Earth Shelter Part 1:

Half Earth Shelter Part 2:

Earth Quake 3D:

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes only.


Pole Shift Leaked Real Nasa Doomsday Info 2012 on Galactic Alignment

Links to Pari’s articles can be found at:

This video has to be seen along with the discussions in Pari’s articles and videos.

Pari has written articles on history, the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge, Reptilians, snake people, underground bases, Aliens, the Sumerian myths, the End, Jesus Christ, Abraham, Moses, World rule, Mahabharata, Ramayana, people from Atlantis, meditation, Brahma Kumaris, cycle of time, ancient Egyptian myths, Hindu gods and godesses, etc.

Pari’s articles were written based on :
1. what Pari received through her link to God,
2. what Pari had seen through visions and experiences,
3. research and ancient evidences left behind,
4. explanations got through Pari’s past births (from the ancient mapmakers who were involved with the creation of the ancient legends, scriptures etc).
5. The Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge given in the Brahma Kumaris and in other Confluence Aged organisations.

Polar Shift & Military Preparation. Howard Stein puts PROOF FORWARD.

Howard Stein speaks on Polar Shift and Military Preparation
Show : The Truth Denied Talk Radio
Guest : Howard Stein
Host: Roxy Lopez

GUEST SPEAKS on the possibility of a Coming Polar Shift, FEMA, Changes in Military Training for Martial Law and “public round-ups”.

Howard Stein says “I have always been a skeptic regarding end of the world scenarios such as Polar Shifts….until..”

“One day the evidence became insurmountable, and connecting the dots painted a much larger picture than I ever imagined.”
Howard Stein asks that you do your own home work.

He asks that you start Here: (Monitoring Data) (Magnetic Pole Shift)

Look up evidence presented regarding ‘magnetic Pole Shift’

Look into the 5 several story buildings at the Denver Airport and ask yourselves “How and why did they do this?”Then ask your selves “WHO did it?”Compare the construction of LAX, OHARE, and DENVER Airports….are astounded and amazed by what you find in the differences.

Please contact The Truth Denied any time with your photo evidence.
Look around you, because these FEMA Camps are everywhere.

Howard Stein
Born Chicago Ill , moved to “City of the Angels” Los Angeles in 1971.He enlisted in the Army in 1973, and by 1980 he took a job in Law Enforcement in Southern California for three years. He found his true calling when he became a bodyguard and served in this capacity for the next 18 years!

Howard has done a tremendous amount of research and will share with the listeners what he believes is coming and what is already here! Discussion will be open to the callers as well!

Howard is currently an ” on air personality” listen to him nightly at
Howard is the VP of ” Totally Commercial FREE and only the hits on 7890”
You can monitor movement around the world here in real time.

Live Internet Seismic Server
This page is URL: Maintained by: Last modified on December 09, 2009 (hfb)
Howard Stein
They are gearing up for an event…………but once again, do your own Homework………I just give a place to start………never be told what is going on, find out always for yourself.

FEMA Camps and REX 84 ( Orders and Locations by State)
A complete list of the orders for Rex 84 and Fema Camps. This Natural Solutions Report gives the orders for Civilian Concentration Camps and the locations by stste for the enslavement of the citize… by Xkaliber in FEMA, endgame, and ConcentrationCamp

FEMA Camp Footage (Concentrations Camps in USA)
Footage of a FEMA camp in the US. This is available on Google video too, but because a few people simply still don’t “get it” when they watch the footage fro…
Practice is happening……….These are RA Troops in the USA !

Military Preparing for Martial Law
Long before 9/11 the Military has been training our soldiers how to shut down cities, confiscate guns, and put Americans in camps. Watch for yourself.

Last but not least, know that the world is ever changing. Humanity is waking up.
The TRUTH is the truth, best to know what is coming down the road. Humanity must UNIFY. : Breaking News Stories : Contact Us


Something Is Wrong with the Moon

Uploaded by  on Nov 25, 2010

This is a Response to a Youtube User Who Claims There Is Nothing Wrong With the Sun Moon & Earth While many folk from around the globe Are Witnessing that in fact, There is something wrong. STOP PRESS !! !! ….. View New OFFICIAL Info: 4 Magnetic Poles Forming On The Sun In May 2012 PLEASE
Click Here
Good friends & viewers worldwide are reporting they have noticed that the Sun for at least the
Past 2 Years No Longer shines on their gardens & lots from The Same Angle as before leading us to believe that indeed Something is wrong with the sun moon and earth & that something Unusual has or is happening to the Earth & maybe our entire galaxy.

The Moon’s orientation is not as Astronomers say IT SHOULD BE ! while, Either the Earth has tilted
Or the Sun doesn’t shine from the same station as before, which is just a little Too far out for many !!

The Sun has been in the wrong place for the last 2 years that friends & I have noticed, and is lower on the horizon again this winter, this we know from our roof shadow cast into our north facing garden.! Here, the Sun is lower than it should be, around 3 or 4 weeks or so out of sync !

This video shows that the Moon’s terminator line and Mare locations are not where our astronomers expect it to be, something is wrong with the Moon Earth & Sun.

Video: 2012 POLE SHIFT – A FACT

Please leave comments so I can see if anyone else is noticing this..

Evey Hammond
Submitted on 2012/04/30 at 1:56 am

Daniel, I have noticed it as well.

I was a practicing and devout Pagan for twelve years and Pagans of course are into astrology,

they use the moon and the sun and the four cardinal directions for rituals and spellcraft.

I have since been saved and come to love God but, from my years observing the heavenly bodies I can’t help but notice the change.

The sun no longer sets in the West but, in between the cardinal directions.

the moon is always way overhead when preparing to set and sets more northerly now.

Anton Christopher McInerney Submitted on 2012/04/29 at 12:14 pm

Dear Daniel, yes I have noticed it too living for 50 years on the same family estate with a former direct east west passage of the sun through the property center for most of those years, now it sets to the north west?

I,ve noticed many other anomalies with the lunar passage as well, big anomalies that seem to indicate a real expansion of the wobble causing the setting moon to a greater variance in passage sometimes within several days of wide swings to north or south out of usual course.

Normally from the 1950,s to the 1999 2000 and on period when these variances became greater there was a pronounced southern setting from the property center.

This wobble plus the pole shift explains some of it but other weirder events occurred even earlier in the 60,s we had a day with no night!

It was officially acknowledged but then obscured, something too weird for what then was a yet largely less educated public to deal with.

Apparently the earth stopped spinning whether they had an entire day of darkness opposite globe I haven,t seen any reference as yet.

Regards Anton McInerney


I started a garden three weeks ago that (at the time) recieved full sunlight beginning at 9am. Yesterday,

I noticed that half of the garden (approx 7′) was shaded by our very permanantly placed house at around 1pm.

I knew the house hadn’t moved so I linked the change to the sun.

I thought is strange but then again,

I have never studied the cycles of the sun so how would I know if it were a normal occurrance? Logic set in and I asked myself: “since when does the sun change direction in such a short amount of time?”


Ian Meaker says, 
If the Sun went out of it’s usual relative position, all the astronomers would be shouting about it. Stellarium is a good bit of free software for tracking the stars and planets.Дженнифер Мишель says, I was just looking out the window while taking my morning dump and noticed that!!!!!

Hawaii Prepper says I’ve noticed the moon as well.

Daniel Towsey says Ian Meaker..since when do official sources ever tell the truth? The earth shifted about two months ago.. I and other astronomers got pictures of the full moon when the moons face changed…That was scary and freaky..The dot (crater) to the bottom right went over to the left and up halfway..

Ian Meaker says It’s astronomy software that works with a telescope if you have one, my official source is my own observations. The “Moon tilt illusion” as any astronomer/photographer would know. (PDF).

Daniel J Towsey says I do not use a telescope and I am a very experienced and exceptional professional photographer..

I know what I see and I know I photographed..

Since the moons face never changes in relationship to our view then the pictures I have are showing areas of the moon that have never before been visible from earth..

I will posting these images on line some time soon…

Christopher Michael Aday says, huh well it changes 1 degree every 72 years…. how old are you pics? ;p

Daniel J Towsey says, Christopher that one degree means nothing.

The magnetic pole has now move to the east by over two thousand miles.

It is now close to the top of England. Which explains the record cold and snow falls in Eurpoe.

It is said that Europe is now entering a new ice age. Also glaciers in the part of the world are expanding.

Which also explains why the north over Canada is all thawing out.

They have also said that in the near future Nova Scotia will have the weather that Florida used to get.

Have you also heard that the Gulf stream stopped flowing after the BP disaster?

Christopher Michael Aday says,  also with what time of year they where taken you would have to take the pic on the same date as the year before.

to get a true reading of how much it has moved if any.

Daniel J Towsey says, Christopher… It is not so difficult nor do I have to take pictures on the same day to see that the sun sets thousands of miles from where it used to set..

I live twenty stories up and have a an amazing panoramic view all around Halifax,

The Harbour and the ocean..

can see the horizon from several sides of my place.

I watch the sun and moon come up and go down.

I can see the sun and moon all through their passage..and through the seasons..

The pole shift is real and scientists are saying that the earths mantle being on a fluid core is shifting…

Daniel J Towsey says, I am like a native in nature.

I have hiked thousands of miles and for decades through wilderness.

I navigate by the sun and moon through dense forests and wilderness..

I know the sun and moon have chanded. So do the Inuwit that live in the north of Canada.

The perma frost has now thawed in the north.

Christopher Michael Aday says,  so where can we see these pics at? and of the moon also?

Da Raw Journalist says, well our ancestor told us this 6000 years ago

Daniel J Towsey says,  Chrisopher.. I have the pics but I will only upload them if I decide to write an article for them…I am very busy with my activism..

I am working on many different sites and am very busy…researching and maintaining my sites..

this pole shift is real and there are many other sources of info available on the topic..

I started this post here and I will probably upload some of my hi res moon pictures to it soon..

Jim Brown asks When you do tje article please inform me as I plan to put up my website into active mode hopefully before autumn.

Jack DebtFree Elliott says, There is a method that inuit use to get direction. Its from snowdrifts and i believe its called a ‘thumb’.

I read an article that described its change. I believe u are correct, i see tha differernce in my yard…..continues reading….

Michael Searle says    Submitted on 2012/04/30 at 11:26 pm     It looks the same to me here in Australia as we are coming into winter.

Your theory about the shift in the earth’s crust and mantle sounds entirely possible. Have geologists said anything about this? If it’s true we are all in for a hell of a ride!


I started a garden three weeks ago that (at the time) recieved full sunlight beginning at 9am. Yesterday, I noticed that half of the garden (approx 7′) was shaded by our very permanantly placed house at around 1pm. I knew the house hadn’t moved so I linked the change to the sun. I thought is strange but then again, I have never studied the cycles of the sun so how would I know if it were a normal occurrance? Logic set in and I asked myself: “since when does the sun change direction in such a short amount of time?”


Karen McNeeley says I have! share, ty

Submitted on 2012/06/13 at 1:23 am

Time of Transition for Planet Earth

The official beginning of 4D, fourth dimensional energy, will begin to affect Earth’s solar system on 11.11.11 as it encounters the galactic equatorial plane region – as a universe & galactic wide harmonic frequency will open and affect this whole area of space.

Whether people call this phenomenon a stargate or portal this area of faster higher fourth dimensional energy is real. This historic date of 11.11.11 begins the infusion of 4D dimensional energy onto your planet. It will affect Earth & its people in a positive, uplifting way like never before experienced in your planet’s history.

The saturation of this higher frequency vibration will continue from the end of 2011, through all of 2012, reaching full strength during the time frame of December 2012 – throughout all of – March 2013 when the final rotation of the 90 degree shift of Earth’s crust happens with the present day East/West orientation of the continents moving into their new North/South orientation.
[Just another way of looking at these changes-I guess]
There will also be a magnetic pole shift, a reversal, during this time, but will likely not cause any problems for the people of Earth. There is of course likely to be a temporary period of adjustment of Earth’s electrical systems, but this is only expected to last a few hours time. It will not be problematic.

If there are any difficulties at all, the biospheres of the Andromeda Council stand ready to help and will help. The 23.5 degree off-axis tilt of the Earth that presently exists will be corrected as well, and will be no longer. This will mean a much more temperate climate for planet Earth overall. Think of the whole planet as having a climate much like that of the Mediterranean region.

These changes are expected to settle down throughout remaining 2013, and will begin the completion of this cycle by the end of October, winding down in December 2013. 4D, fourth dimensional life is to officially begin in January 2014.


Auteur: ariannelot

"Hidden manna from the promised "White Stone", Rev 2:17 P1446:5, 131:3.3 . . . It is evil to see sin where there is no sin; TO SEE NO SIN WHERE THERE IS SIN. Evil is the path of FALSE DOCTRINES. Those who avoid evil BY SEEING THINGS AS THEY ARE gain joy by thus embracing the truth. Make an end of your misery BY LOATHING SIN. When you look up to the Noble One, turn away from sin with a whole heart. Make no apology for evil; MAKE NO EXCUSE FOR SIN. By your efforts to make amends for past sins you acquire strength to resist future tendencies thereto. Restraint is born of repentance. Leave no fault unconfessed to the Noble One. 131:3.4 (1447.1) “Cheerfulness and gladness are the rewards of deeds well done and to the glory of the Immortal. No man can rob you of the liberty of your own mind. When the faith of your religion has emancipated your heart, when the mind, like a mountain, is settled and immovable, then shall the peace of the soul flow tranquilly like a river of waters. Those who are sure of salvation are forever free from lust, envy, hatred, and the delusions of wealth. While faith is the energy of the better life, nevertheless, must you work out your own salvation with perseverance. If you would be certain of your final salvation, then make sure that you sincerely seek to fulfill all righteousness. Cultivate the assurance of the heart which springs from within and thus come to enjoy the ecstasy of eternal salvation. ~~ Urantia Book Paper 131 ~~

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