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Douglas Dietrich on WWII and Roswell – April 4, 2015

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Published on 5 Apr 2015

This is Part 2 interview with Douglas, we deal more with WWII and end up with his opinion on what really happened at Roswell.

Published on 30 Mar 2015

This week, we will have on the very controversial, Douglas Dietrich. Douglas is a fascinating individual. This interview went over 3 hours, so I am breaking it into 2 parts. This is part 1. Overall, he talks about the hidden side of WWII, and we eventually lead into The Battle of L.A. and Roswell. This is a very different version of history.His website can be found at


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"Hidden manna from the promised "White Stone", Rev 2:17 P1446:5, 131:3.3 . . . It is evil to see sin where there is no sin; TO SEE NO SIN WHERE THERE IS SIN. Evil is the path of FALSE DOCTRINES. Those who avoid evil BY SEEING THINGS AS THEY ARE gain joy by thus embracing the truth. Make an end of your misery BY LOATHING SIN. When you look up to the Noble One, turn away from sin with a whole heart. Make no apology for evil; MAKE NO EXCUSE FOR SIN. By your efforts to make amends for past sins you acquire strength to resist future tendencies thereto. Restraint is born of repentance. Leave no fault unconfessed to the Noble One. 131:3.4 (1447.1) “Cheerfulness and gladness are the rewards of deeds well done and to the glory of the Immortal. No man can rob you of the liberty of your own mind. When the faith of your religion has emancipated your heart, when the mind, like a mountain, is settled and immovable, then shall the peace of the soul flow tranquilly like a river of waters. Those who are sure of salvation are forever free from lust, envy, hatred, and the delusions of wealth. While faith is the energy of the better life, nevertheless, must you work out your own salvation with perseverance. If you would be certain of your final salvation, then make sure that you sincerely seek to fulfill all righteousness. Cultivate the assurance of the heart which springs from within and thus come to enjoy the ecstasy of eternal salvation. ~~ Urantia Book Paper 131 ~~

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    “Hi Douglas, greetings from Hollywood, Fl. I would like to know more about the situation of the Japanese Army in 1945. I cannot find squat about the war in China which tends to make me more curious about Japanese troop strength, disposition etc in Aug 1945. I see no Allied campaigns there and an Island hopping strategy bypassing much of their troops in the Pacific islands.

    “In other words, the ‘known’ narrative of the war in the pacific leaves enormous gaps which are totally unaddressed by history. These gaps are really not gaps but would seem to encompass the bulk operations in the Pacific, leaving us with only a spattering of fact.

    “Waiting for your answer! I am familiar with your work and amazed at the detail you provide.”


    On August 7th, THE DAY AFTER THE HIROSHIMA BOMBING, effective Warlord of The United States, GENERAL GEORGE C MARSHALL, JR, Sent an “Eyes Only” Message to GENERAL DOUGLAS MACARTHUR Admitting he was frankly worried by Radio Intelligence Reports about the Large Enemy Buildup of Ground and Air Strength on Kyūshū and Southern Honshū, and he expected it to provoke Discussions in Washington DC. Did it make any sense to Attack into the teeth of Japanese Defenses? Maybe it was better to shift “Operation: Olympic” to less well fortified places on Honshū such as Tōkyō ([!] Imagine Marshall Cabling GENERAL DWIGHT D EISENHOWER Three Months prior D—Day and asking him to consider switching The Normandy Invasion to Norway). General MacArthur Replied, essentially, that he did not believe US Radio-Interception Intelligence and urged Operation: “Olympic” Go Forward.

    FLEET ADMIRAL ERNEST J KING, Chief of US Naval Operations, Intervened at this point to play his trump card in America’s increasingly intensified Interdepartmental infighting. Since May: Admiral King had known, In Confidence, that Commander-in-Chief, Pacific, FLEET ADMIRAL CHESTER W NIMITZ, had Withdrawn Prior Support – at least for Operation: Olympic as it Currently stood.

    On August 9th (August 10th, ASIA TIME), THE SAME DAY AS THE NAGASAKI BOMBING, Admiral King Ordered Admiral Nimitz to make his Views Known to Washington DC and General MacArthur: Up Until This Point In The War, The Americans had Outnumbered The Japanese on The Ground in The Pacific by an Average Ratio of Well Over Two To One (2.5:1). Now, For The Very First Time In The Entire Japanese-American Struggle, it was The Americans Who Would Be Outnumbered (by far). At The Joint Chiefs of Staff, The Secretariat Assimilated the radically altered Situation and began an agonizing Reappraisal of Operation: Olympic. Planners turned to Alternatives, Notably a Landing on Northern Honshū – In Total Ignorance of The Crack Units of The Japanese Kwangtung Army from Manchuria, Including All of Japan’s ONLY Heavy-Armoured Battalions (Medium Armour by Western Standards, Equivalent to US M-3’s [Crewed by Six]), having been surreptitiously Relocated on The Kantō Plains surrounding Tōkyō (this was one of the reasons why Manchuria was left Vulnerable to Soviet Aggression [without such Redeployments COMMUNIST DICTATOR IJOSIPF STALIN would never have Entered the Greater East-Asian Conflict]).

    Unknown to The Americans, one of the primary reasons for the Total and Complete Failure of their Atomic Attacks to Manifest Strategic Repercussions was the fact that FIELD MARSHAL OF THE IMPERIAL JAPANESE ARMY SHUNROKU HATA Survived The Hiroshima Bombing while Awaiting Arrival of PREFECT TAKEJIRO NISHIOKA from Meetings with DR YOSHIO NISHINA and Japan’s other Leading Nuclear Physicists. After Witnessing The Atomic Blast, Prefect Nishioka Fled South to Evacuate his Family from Nagasaki, which he was certain would be The Next Target of American Atomic Attack. Field Marshal Hata Departed Hiroshima for Tōkyō and Argᵫd as an Eyewitness before The Emperor Himself that The Japanese Nation could Absorb Atomic Attacks and Survive.

    Dr Nishina was The Japanese Nuclear Physicist Serving as Director (with DR RYOKICHI SAGANE, a Fellow Nuclear Physicist) of Japan’s Wartime Nuclear Weapons Programs (plural), Including Bombcore Designs and Plans for The World’s First Particle Beam Weapons (Four Decades Ahead of The Rest of The World, in 1945). Doctors Nishina, Sagane, and Several Colleagᵫs were Targeted by The Soviets for Capture and by The Americans for “Capture, Interrogation and Neutralization – or Termination – If Capture Impossible,” To Prevent Capture By The Soviets. Instead HEAVENLY SOVEREIGN DR MICHINOMIYA HIROHITO THE MAJESTIC’s Victory saw Nishina, Sagane, et al, Safely Resume Postceasefire Scientific Pursuits (Dr Ryo Sagane Garnered The Nobel Prize In Physics Come 1968).

    Dr Nishina was Flown to Hiroshima After The Atomic Attack. His Geiger Counter Readings were Coded In Radio to Tōkyō, where Dr Sagane Underscored his Confirmation of The American Escalation To Nuclear War with Calculations as Follows: All The American Refining Facilities and Powerplants that could be Devoted Exclusively to Yielding Fissionable Materials – if allowed to Operate Twenty-Four Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week for Three Years (24 hrs / dy x 7 dys / wk x 3 yrs) – might be able to Produce Two or Three (2—3) Atomic Bombs. Japan Knew The Enemy had Wasted One Bomb in “Testing” via their Offshore Submarine-Launched Ærial Reconnaissance and Radiation-Sensitive Balloon-Trains; and Japan’s Physics Community Concluded that After Hiroshima, if they were not Already Out of Domestically-Produced Atomic Bombs, they had Only One More Left in their Domestic Arsenal.

    Thus a Fourth Domestically-Manufactured Atomic Bomb would not be Ready Until Mid-September, 1945, and realistically not Until October. Reality dictated so. And The Sagane Equations told it so in spite of the Inevitable Intelligence voids: One (1) Bomb had been “Tested.” Another Bomb had been Deployed. For Duration of this Strategic Window of Opportunity Open for Japan in The Critical Month or Two Ahead: Only The Third Bomb Remained.

    JAPANESE MINISTER OF WAR KORECHIKA ANAMI Saw Proof of Dr Sagane’s Math in the Multiple Firebombings The Previous Night Prior The American Terrorist-Strike on Hiroshima. Anami Attested Before The Imperial High Command: “We Only have President Truman’s Word for it that enough Atomic Bombs exist to Strike Down every one our Cities and Ports. Certainly, if The United States Possessed more Nuclear Weapons, they would not risk their lives by The Hundreds over Our Skies Dropping Conventional Incendiaries on Our Cities.”

    October, 1942, had already seen The Allies Come Within Measurable Distance of Defeat in The Struggle for Control of The Southwest Pacific; despite American Hype of Midway in Summer of 1942. The phrase: “No More Việt-Náms” was farcically taken from The original pithy Screed: “No More Koreas” – itself seqᵫstered from General Douglas MacArthur’s Proclamation: “No More Bunas” – Recalling one of the most trying Campaigns of The American Army in WW—II: “Bloody Buna” in The Jungles of New Guinea.

    Buna: Suppressed in Victory, was integral to Anticlimax of Collision of Axis and Allied Objectives in Papua (Eastern New Guinea): American Intention being to Exploit Any Advantages Gained by Battle Off Midway Island (Said Engagement Misleadingly Presented as Exposing The Japanese Outer Line of Defense in The Southwest and Central Pacific On Brink of Collapse) by Occupation of Papua’s Dobodura Area via Overland Advance from Port Moresby by Mid-August of 1942 In Aim of Eventual Occupation of All New Guinea and aspiration of Conqᵫring The “East Indies” from The Papuan Springboard to Choke Off The Japanese Empire’s Primary Source of Oil – but Eurocentric Prioritization Afforded The Transatlantic War ensured Lack of Assault and Support Shipping by which to Facilitate Any Significant Undertaking, as well as Precluding Commitment of Combat-Readied Formations, leaving The United States with but a SINGLE DIVISION Available for Offensive Purposes in The South Pacific and Decisive Reliance on In-Theatre Australian Forces just as Numerically Disadvantaged themselves by sheer dearth of their Population Base; the more coherent Japanese Objective being to Exploit Momentum of Japan’s Earlier Victories by Severing Strategic Link between The United States and Australia via Proceeding with Occupation of that same Port Moresby.

    Conseqᵫntly: American Plans were Forestalled by Japanese Initiative in Occupying Buna and Gona on The 21st / 22nd of July in 1942 that Resulted in an Australian / American Allied Victory rendered Strategically Pyrrhic via Redirected (and Officially Genocidal – as opposed to Military – id est, Securing Island Airfields from which to Indiscriminately Firebomb Japanese Civilian Metropolitan-Belts as opposed to Confronting The Japanese Army in Indoasia) American Priorities that Left Axis Japan In Consolidation of The Indoasiatic Archipelago – The Primary Source of Petroleum that would Continᵫ To Fᵫl The Japanese War-Machine Until Reaching Terms of Ceasefire(!); by Stating “No More Bunas,” General MacArthur was Admitting it easier to Attack (or Avoid) Japanese Island-Garrisons Burdened with Japanese Civilian-Colonists than it was to continᵫ facing The IJA (Imperial Japanese Army) head-on; Summation unto itself that speaks volumes to what The Americans were up against in terms of Battling The IJA – as The South Seas Detachment of MAJOR-GENERAL TOMITARŌ HORII (Killed-In-Action) was little more than a Reinforced Brigade-Size Regimental Force Formed in 1941 as THE SINGLE ARMY UNIT Deployed In Japanese Deliverance of The South Pacific Island Groups of Wake, Guam and The Gilberts (The Japanese Army was Institutionally Focused on China and The Soviet Union and held almost no interest in Expanding Operations Into The Pacific, but was forced to Dispense Token Support per Japanese Naval Commitments).

    Despite Restriction of Approximately 5500 of General Horii’s South Seas Detachment Troops by The 15th of November in 1942 to Two Separate Areas – Buna and Gona – Both Less Than a Mile In Depth Within The Beachhead – and their Annihilation by January 2nd, 1943 – The Japanese High Command Waged Defensive War successfully along an Extended Perimeter until October of 1943 – Japan’s Position in The Central and Southwest Pacific standing Barely Compromised Nearly Two Years After Pearl Harbour. Indeed: The Japanese were to Retain The Indoasiatic (“Indonesian”) Archipelago (The Largest In The World – with Over Seventeen Thousand [17 000+] Islands, as opposed to the One Thousand and Seven Hundred [1700+] Islands of The Philippines) Throughout The War’s Proactive Phase of Hostilities!

    The Northeast Asian Situation of The Japanese Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Crescent (Specifically in Regions such as Northwest China [where The Soviets Penetrated to The Regional Outskirts of Beijing]):

    The Pro-Japanese Collaborationist Capital of The Chinese “Imperial Republic” Remained essentially unassailable and the vital Japanese-Occupied South Korean Link to Kyushu and Southern Japan were Maintained (By Detonation of The Japanese Atomic Bombs Produced at Konan in North Korea which Literally Disintegrated The Soviet Advance – Stabilizing The Front Still In-Place TODAY). Even as The Soviets (understandably) Diverted All Available Remaining Peninsular Assets To Capture and Stripping of Konan, The American Observation of The Japanese Detonation put Nuclear Teeth into The Sen-Toku Submarine Fleets (Submarine Flotillas Grouped In-Escort of The Largest Submarines Ever Submerged Prior Advent of The Nuclear Submersible) still aprowl Worldwide, Adding Another Factor Into PRESIDENT HARRY S TRUMAN’s Decision To Cease Fire (but The Long-Range Independence of The Sen-Toku Submarine Carrier-Groups Based on their Submarine-Escort Task-Forces Maintained Continuity of Hostilities Under Ceasefire Through 1952 [sic]).

    The American War-Effort To Point of Ceasefire:
    The Battle(s) of Leyte Gulf in October of 1944 represented Twilight of US Submarine Campaigns Against Japanese Shipping. The American Return to The Western Pacific meant that The Campaign Against Japanese Shipping in 1945 was to be Spearheaded by Land-Based and Carrier-Based Aircraft that could carry this Effort into Tributary “Green” Waters (as opposed to High-Seas “Blᵫ” Waters or Inland / Riverine “Brown” Waters) – Classified as “Littoral Waters” by Today’s Navy and Deemed The Primary Front of Decision for Tomorrow’s Wars – such Waters Denied WW—II-Èræ Submarine Accessibility. Land-Based and Carrier-Based Aircraft could Conduct their Antishipping Operations more quickly and directly than could WW—II-Èræ Subs, so The US Submarine Campaign in 1945 therefore slowed as other forms of Taking The War to The Japanese Merchant Fleet moved Centrestage.

    As US Submarines fell from preeminence, US Deployment of Antishipping Explosive-Mines Accounted for a Minimum of 25 Surface Warships of 31 840 Tonnes and 170 Surface Service and Merchant Ships of 302 172 Tonnes as Japan’s Contemporary Antisubmarine Defenses were engulfed. With The United States using Five (5) different Inflᵫnce Systems and a Total of 200 different Types, Scale and Diversity of their Mining ensured Japanese Defensive Measures were all but Overwhelmed. More telling about The Losses in The Last Months of Proactive Hostilities is that in July of 1945 a Total of 123 Surface Merchantmen of 254 549 Tonnes were Sunk. As Testimony of what Americans Misconstrᵫd for The Totality of Japan’s Defeat and Misinterpreted as Extent to which Japan Lost any real element of Strategic Mobility, 120 Surface Merchantmen were Lost in Japanese Home-Waters: Just Three Surface Merchantmen of 2820 Tonnes were Lost in All Other Theatres Other Than The Seas That Washed Japan. By American Perspective – Always Most Simplistic On-Basis Inherent Racist Assumptions: By July of 1945 Nothing Seemed To Move On The Surface Outside Japanese Home-Waters and Between a Third and a Half of what did move A-surface in Japanese Home-Waters was Sunk.

    However: The Illusion of this becomes Self-Evident in Recounting The Last Major Sortie of The Imperial Japanese Navy’s High-Seas Fleet: The Death of The Superbattleship Yamato. The Japanese indeed suffered Exceptionally Heavy Surface Shipping Losses in The Last Months of Proactive Hostilities – between The 1st of April and The 15th of August, 1945 – The Day America Sᵫd for Peace; by which time Japan Lost 210 Surface Warships of 440 293 Tonnes, 77 Surface Service Auxiliaries and Transports of 224 532 Tonnes and 400 Surface Merchantmen of 741 574 Tonnes. But these Total Losses were not much greater than those Incurred by The Allies in The SINGLE Month of November in 1942(!). Allowing for Surface Ships Laid Up or Damaged Beyond Economical Repair, they Amounted to Three-Fifths (60%) of Real Total Tonnage Available To Japan on The 31st of March in 1945.

    Yet Despite Apparent Effectiveness of Mine-Blockade of The Japanese Home Islands and Supposed Lack of Incoming Fᵫl Attributed to Proclaimed US Submarine Destruction of Japanese Merchant Shipping, The Largest Battleship Ever Built (and The Largest Warship Ever Asea Until Commissioning of The Nuclear-Powered Aircraft-Carrier USS Enterprise in 1960) was not only able to Avoid DETECTION, but was able to Launch In Support of The Japanese Garrison on Okinawa on The 7th Day of April in 1945. Granted The Foray was Mounted after The Imperial Navy Relieved The Merchant Fleet an Entire Month’s Supply of Fᵫl. This was at a time when Every Ton of Oil was needed for The Merchant Marine if Japan was to have Any Chance of Avoiding Mass-Starvation and when Only 200 000 Barrels of Oil – compared to The Twenty Million Barrels with which Japan had Gone To War with – Remained In DOMESTIC Stock. The size of The Yamato and her Sister-Ship, The Shinano, of Equal Size and Tonnage but Converted to an Aircraft Carrier while still on The Ways and Prematurely Launched to Provide Air-Cover for The Yamato, were enormous enough that The Yamato Still Carried Only Enough Fᵫl for a One-Way Voyage. The Yamato was such a behemoth that she Sank only after Absorbing Over a Dozen Torpedœs and at Least Six Bombs in Attacks by 179 Aircraft from The Carriers of US Task Force 38 in The East China Sea. She was so Loaded with Ammunition that she Exploded in a MUSHROOM CLOUD Visible All The Way Back In Japan. The Japanese Supercarrier Shinano (also inexplicably UNDETECTED Until Launch [a Major Issᵫ of Historical Relevance as Americans have since Confabulated Claims of Total Control Over Japanese Airspace By 1945!]) was Sunk En Route by The US Submarine Archerfish in One of The Last Decisive US Submarine Actions of Active Phase Hostilities.

    Japan’s SURFACE NAVY (and much of Her Merchant Marine) had been Expended to Buy Time until this point in The War, Drawing The United States ever deeper into the bottomless maw of The Asian Landmass. Less Than Ten Percent (>10%) of The Imperial Japanese Army had been Deployed to The Pacific, Instead Dedicated to Pacification of The Chinese Mainland. This had already been Effectively Accomplished in July of 1944(!), when a sweeping Offensive by The Japanese into hitherto Unoccupied China Secured Japan’s “Western” Front. Launched in April with rapid successes, and Advancing implacably against feeble and yielding Chinese Defenses, it ultimately Choked Off Free China and Overran the area where American Airbases were Located. Japan’s Supply-Lines By Sea were dangerously Weakening Under American Air Attack from US Basing In South China. The Purpose of The Japanese Offensive was to Wipe Out The American Airfields, Assure a Linked-Up Overland Route From Manchuria (Later Streamlined From Japanese Beijing Come The Soviet Incursion of August, 1945) To Indochinǽ (and Through Singapore To All The Indoasiatic Archipelago which Fᵫled Japan’s Economy) and use Her Pro-Japanese Southeast Asian Axis To Isolate Free China From Contact With Any Potential American Landing On The China Coast. This Forced The Nationalist Chinese Government Under GENERALISSIMO Z’CHIANG G’KAI-SCHEK to Broker a Separate Peace which Denied Free China a Place of Representation In Cease-Fire Brokered On The USS Missouri and ultimately Her Seat On The United Nations’ Security Council. United Nations Cease-Fire was Immediately, Totally and Irrevocably Abrogated by The Allies anyway – as The Soviet Member of The United Nations Security Council was Simultaneously (and Unsuccessfully) Attempting Invasion of The Japanese Home Islands From Northern Approaches.

    Japan’s Successes Won By Her China Command (Japanese Offensives literally Continᵫd Until The Americans Sᵫd For Peace on The 15th of August in 1945) knitted together Her Communications, Eliminated Any Potential for a Future Base of American Action and so strengthened Her Base on The Chinese Mainland that Her Imperial Government could Expeditiously Retreat there even if The Japanese Home Islands themselves were rendered Functionally Uninhabitable by Allied Invasion Efforts in their Ongoing Campaign of Genocide. All Core China Would Come Under Dominion of “Dynasty Nīpphônica,” Heir To The Mongols And The Manchus, Acting The Role of Supplier to a “Việt-Nám War”-Styled Client-State On The Japanese Home Islands, themselves converted to a gargantuan meatgrinder of American Flesh while America Itself Came Under Nuclear and Biological Assault, its Civilian Infrastructure Collapsing under mountains of Plagᵫ-Infested or Radioactived Dead and Unable To Redeploy Forces From Europe Through Irradiated Ruins of a Panama Canal Turned To Glass …

    The Japanese Followed German Example from World War I and Launched a SUBMARINE Merchant Fleet to keep The Japanese Home Islands Supplied in Fᵫl From The Indoasian Archipelago. These were Revolutionary CONCRETE-HULLED Submersible Freighters that were not Constructed, but MOULDED, and Launched – From Chinese Shipyards.

    INVENTOR HAL B HAYES of Berkeley, California Proved Viability of these Concrete Merchant-Submarines to The American High Command by Building a Mini-Model of The Japanese Craft Propelled by Two Ford V-8’s that Reached 20 Miles Per Hour Across San Francisco Bay in 1944(!). The Streamlined Cigar-Shape of The Japanese Hulls Generated Twenty-Seven Percent (27%) Less Drag Than Other Ships of WW—II and allowed The Submersible Merchantmen to Carry Thirty Percent (30%) More Cargo. Hayes Calculated The Japanese were Accomplishing Speeds of Over 75 Knots. Clearly The Japanese Could Prosecute The War Indefinitely …

    Therein Ran The Fᵫl for Tens of Thousands (10sX1000s) of Japanese Long-Range Bombers, Fast-Attack Jets and Piloted Rockets Manufactured To This Point In The War. Their Reality is Best Conveyed in THE HISTORY CHANNEL Documentary: “SECRET JAPANESE AIRCRAFT OF WORLD WAR II (see ).” America’s Fleets would have been Sailing into a furnace before even properly Penetrating Japanese Waters.

    The Concrete HULLED (NOT Concrete-“Lined”) Submarines Moulded By Japan (a Manufacturing Process which Saved enormous Time and Costs Compared to Conventional Construction) were already KNOWN to exist by The US High Command via Chinese Intelligence Networks that Relayed this Reality. The Model Moulded by The Berkeleyite Inventor Hal B Hayes, was After-The-Fact; done so out of Desperate Need for The US High Command to comprehend how The Japanese could Continᵫ To Prosecute The War Despite Their Merchant Marine Being “Effectively Destroyed (Two-Fifths [40%] of The Japanese Surface Merchant Marine was Still Afloat on The 31st of March, 1945 – and even as this would be Inevitably Eroded In Availability, The Submarine Merchant Fleet was being Brought On-Line to Replace it).”

    The Former Japanese Sub-Pens and Docks In China Still Stand – Long Since Commandeered and utilized by The Communist Chinese Military; specifically The PLAN (Peoples’ Liberation Army Navy); these Prizes being Acquired At Conclusion of The Chinese Civil War.

    Concrete Hulled Vessels Last Practically Forever, but only if Undamaged. The WW—II-Era United States Merchant Marine Commissioned a Score of Concrete-Hulled Merchantmen, Long Since Abandoned to rock on The Waves of desolate Shores All Over The World, cracked but intact. Their Metal Equivalents have All Corroded Away and Disintegrated By Now (Save the lovingly Maintained “Jeremiah O’Brien” in San Francisco). Once a Concrete Hull is cracked, it cannot be Repaired. The beauty of Japan’s Super-Secret Submersible Concrete Merchant Marine Fleet was to be found in both its simplicity and Expendability. As The Japanese-American Talk-Downs Proceeded Over The Next Half-Decade (6 yrs), there was less and less need to Mould anymore and the Extant Submariner Merchantmen were eroded away by the cracks consistent with Entropy. The vast Majority were eventually Transferred Into Nationalist Chinese Oversight as The Remaining Covert Japanese Units and “Stay-Behind” Networks Disentangled From The Chinese Mainland In The Closing Days of The Chinese Civil War. They Saved The Nation Into Which I myself was born (The Republic of China On Tái-Wān) by Expediting Withdrawal of both National Treasuries and Cultural Treasures, as well as Personnel; and were finally used to Break The Communist Chinese Blockade of “Island China” On “Islhlas Formosa (Tái-Wān).” As they continᵫd to crackup (Communist Chinese Depth-Charges being a Major Contributing Factor), they themselves were Broken Up to Create Artificial Beach-Barriers Against The Monsoon-Generated Waves and Seaquake-Generated Tsunami(s) that Chronically Assail Tái-Wān. If you Seek to find them, simply Comb the Beach-Circuit Around my Island Nation. Countless fragments of their Concrete Hulls abut anywhere The Cliff-Faces are Washed too harshly by The Surf, Serving The Formosan Peoples for what will be Centuries after their Demise as Seaworthy Vessels.

    The very reason there were Three (3) Atomic Bomb Assembly Structures on Tinian Island – along with Fully Loaded Stockrooms and Fifteen (15) 509th Aircrews with their Special “Silverplate” B-29 Bombers – was so that Atom-Bomb #3 (Fat Man Unit F-32; Already On-Site Tinian) would be Dropped on The Japanese National Arsenal of Kokura (Intended Target of The Original “Fat Man” Plutonium Bomb; Aborted Dᵫ Japanese Interception [sic]) by GENERAL PAUL TIBBETS himself – Whenever It’s Critical Core Components Finally Arrived (as he explained [incompletely] Only Upon Reissue of his 1998 Autobiography: “FLIGHT OF THE ENOLA GAY”) – as The Nagasaki Bombing Fiasco had already proven conclusively that both The Japanese Imperial Family – and that 2600 Year-Old Dynasty’s Industry – were more than adequately Entrenched enough to Survive America’s “Strategic” Approach to Nuclear Warfare: Well Over 2500 Young Ladies Employed in Mitsubishi’s U/G (Underground)-Bunkered Production Facilities Beneath The City of Nagasaki Survived Deployment of The Most Powerful Weapon In The American Inventory without any awareness that Atomic Attack had occurred Overhead; Continuing Unabated Full-Scale Assembly of “Patsy” Long-Range Bombers Capable of Reaching New York City From Tōkyō (directly Derivative Two [2] Prototype KI-77’s Produced circa 1940 [PRIOR Pearl Harbour]). It was Concluded (Correctly) that Any Atomic Attack on The Japanese National Capital of Tōkyō would leave The Imperial Bunker(s) Equally Unscathed.

    The Patsy: The Tachikawa Army Experimental Long-Range High-Altitude Reconnaissance-Bomber (Ki-74) was Imperial Japanese Army Tested as Early as 1942; the brainchild of The “ASAHI SHIMBUM” Journal and its much-respected Aviation Correspondent, TORA (“TIGER”) SAITO. The Ki-74’s were Twin-Engined Aircraft Designed to Fly Nonstop from Tokyo to New York with Calculated Range of Eleven Thousand, One Hundred and Eighty-Five Miles (11 185 mis) at One Hundred and Eighty-Six Miles Per Hour (186 mph) – Modeled on the Tachikawa Army Long Range Research Aircraft (Ki-77’s) Originally Designed to Undertake a Nonstop Goodwill Flight From Tōkyō to New York in 1940 (Civilian-Designated Asahi A-26s) In Recognition of The 2600th Year of The Japanese National Calendar. Instead: One Disappeared over The Indian Ocean on a Projected Nonstop Flight From Singapore To Berlin. The Other Served Strategic Deterrence To The Soviets (as The Command Plane of The Japanese “509th” Wing of Six [6] Junkers Knockoffs [Junkers G.38’s], The Mitsubishi Ki-20 [Redirects From Junkers K 51’s]; a Direct and Intended Result of Pre-World War II German-Japanese Industrial Co-Öperation [Note The Japanese Produced Three Times The Number of these Craft The Germans themselves did]).

    The Command Ki-77 had Demonstrated on Show-Flight over a Triangular Circuit in Manchuria during The Summer of 1944 Distance-Coverage of Ten Thousand, Two Hundred and Twelve Miles (10 212 mis), Remaining Aloft for Fifty-Seven Hours and Twelve Minutes (57 hrs, 12 mns). To Accomplish The Successor-Generation Ki-74’s Mission of Reaching Select Targets in The United States, The Patsy’s each boasted a Pressurized Cabin For All Five (5) Crewmembers in The Forward Compartment. These Bombers were being churned out in Lead-Lined Super-Industrial Bunkers Beneath The City of Nagasaki by Over Two Thousand and Five Hundred (2500+) Mass-Production Personnel and such Assembly Continᵫd Sans Interruption even as The Plutonium-Powered Equivalent of Twenty Thousand Tons of TNT (Trinitrotolᵫne) Leveled much of The City Above Them – an Atrocity to which The Bunkered Mitsubishi Employees were entirely Oblivious. Thusly did “Fat Man” Prove its Performance Potential Pointless, Strategically Delivering No Impact Against The Japanese War Effort even as The Task Force of The Sacred Crane Landed in Nevada to Deliver The Shōuwa Ultimatum – Forcing Immediate and Rapid Demobilization of The American War Machine.

    Rendering Operation: Downfall an Exercise in Mass Military Suicide On-Part The United States was The Fact that Initial Estimates of Japanese Air Strength were hopelessly and dangerously astray – yet still varied only between dark and bleak among the various United States Intelligence Centres. When The Americans Sᵫd For Peace on August 15th, The Newly-Created American Joint Army-Navy Committee On The Japanese Air Forces Estimated Japanese Air Strength in The Home Islands ALONE at Five Thousand, Nine Hundred and Eleven (5911 Aircraft: Per “MAGIC” FAR EAST SUMMARIES, 19 Jul 45, 9 Aug 45). The Intelligence Centre For The Commander-In-Chief, Pacific (CINCPAC), Calculated that By August 13th, The Japanese had Ten Thousand, Two Hundred and Ninety (10 290) Aircraft Available For Homeland Defense (per SRMD-008, p 266, 16 JUl, p 297, 13 Aug, RG 457, NARA).

    In Truth: Japan still had Some Twelve Thousand, Seven Hundred and Twenty-Five (12 725) Planes of Conventional (id est Reciprocating-Engined as opposed to Jet-Propelled or Rocketed) Planes of All Types – Five Thousand, Six Hundred and Fifty-One (5651) in The Imperial Japanese Army and Seven Thousand and Seventy-Four (7074) in The Imperial Japanese Navy.

    Over a Hundred (100+) Bunkered Underground Aircraft Plants were in various Stages of Operation, with most of the Machinery just Coming Online In Production. Indeed: Production Figures From Both “Surface” and Bunkered Underground Plants in July of 1945 Revealed a Total of One Thousand, One Hundred and Thirty-One (1131) New Planes (Long-Range Strategic Bombers and Fast-Attack Jets) had been built During That Single Month Alone! There was general confidence that the Underground Bunker-Plants would be in Full Production By Year’s End and that, Until Actual Invasion, PRODUCTION COULD AT LEAST KEEP PACE WITH AIRCRAFT LOSSES. Scarcely a Village of any size did not have some sort of Aircraft Manufacturing Activity, while Abandoned Mines, Railway Tunnels, Viaducts and even The Basements of Department Stores had been Converted into Factories to feed the demands of The Everexpanding Kamikaze Corps.

    Although Reserve Stocks had been Set Aside and Buried Deep to Prevent their Destruction by B-29 Raids, The Key To Air Defense was whether The Level of Thirty Thousand Tons (30 000 tns) of High-Grade Aviation Fᵫl could be Produced Each Month After September. As General Douglas MacArthur had Reported, American Carrier Planes and The B-29s had been Virtually Unmolested in their Flights Over The Japanese Home Islands For Weeks. US Pilots smugly Assumed, like MacArthur, that Japan had Spent its Air Resources. They were Dead Wrong. As part of The Plan For Preserving Strategic Deception (The Element of Surprise So Lacking For The Japanese at Pearl Harbour [sic]) as well as Planes and precious Fᵫl, Both The Imperial Japanese Army and Navy had Abandoned Suicide Attacks For The Time Being and had begun to build Twenty (20) Suicide Takeoff Strips with Underground-Bunkered Hangars in Southern Kyushū. Altogether on Kyushū there were Thirty-Five (35) Fields for Launching Suicide Planes, Together with Twenty-One (21) Regular Airfields and Nine (9) Seaplane Bases.

    Pilots were no more of a problem than Planes – that some Pilots would have only Seventy Hours (70 hrs) of Flying Time, or Less, no longer mattered. All The New Wave Pilots were being Taught was Primary Diving and no more. And Pilots were Practicing for Night Attacks. Undercover of Darkness, Kamikaze Tactics were Optimized. The Imperial Japanese Navy was busy Weaponizing Two Thousand (2000) Training Biplanes into some of The Ultimate in Kamikaze Innovation – American RADAR (RAdio Detection and Ranging) did not Register their flimsy Wood-and-Fabric Construction. As For Conventional Ærial Combat: Japan’s Seasoned Veterans would Take To The Jets. Japan’s Civilian Commercial Airlines Pilots Would Take The Bombers.

    One of The Winning Weapons of World War II – The “Peggy” Denotes The Mitsubishi Army Type 4 HEAVY Bomber Hiryu (“Flying Dragon”), the dreaded Ki-67 (while Designated a Heavy Bomber by The Japanese Army Air Forces, when Compared to its American Counterparts, The B-25 and The B-26, it was readily Dismissed as a Medium Bomber, albeit Recognized as The Finest Multiengined Bomber built by The Japanese as a World Power During The War).

    Confusingly: It also Denotes The KAMIKAZE Variant – The Mitsubishi Army Type 4 “Special Attack (id est Suicide)” Plane (The Ki-67-IKAI, cited further below). Combat-Proven Late In Proactive Hostilities, this Æroplane Compared Favourably with Contemporary Allied Twin-Engined Bombers and was The Imperial Japanese Army’s Best: Initially Deployed (by The Japanese Army[!]) as an Antishipping Torpedo Plane – Launching Torpedo Attacks Against US Fleet Units Off my Home Island Tái-Wān in October of 1944. At The Time it was not Properly Identified; Mistaken as a New High-Performance Torpedo Bomber of The Imperial Japanese Navy. Upon being Informed of this American Misidentification, Emperor Hirohito Ordered The Operation of The Peggy in Direct Co-Öperation with The Imperial Japanese Navy In Fact as well as Myth. Conseqᵫntly: It was seen Incorporated with JNAF (Japanese Naval Air Forces) in Small Numbers in Attacks Against American Warships Under The Imperial Naval Designation of “Yasukuni (In Honour of The Sacred Shrine Dedicated To Housing The Spirits of Japan’s War-Dead To This Very Day).”

    These Bombers also Operated in Moderate Numbers within The Japanese China Command, where they Deployed as Conventional Land-Attack Bombers. The First Photographic Record and Actual Identification of The New Plane Sourced from a Crashed Peggy on The Chinese Mainland. Six Photos of this Crashed Specimen were Published in The US Identification Manual Dated December 1944, which was Distributed to US Air Units in The Pacific Accompanied with meagre Data: “Pilot and Co-Pilot Protected with 5/8″ Back & Head armor. Strong Possibility of RADAR Installation. Fᵫl Tanks Leak-Proofed with Laminated Rubber 5/8″ Thick.” Concerning Armament: “Nose = One (1) 12.7mm, Top = One (1) 20mm Turret, Dorsal = Two (2) 12.7mm Flex., Tail = One (1) 12.7mm Turret.” The Report Added: “Examination of Fin & Rudder bear out belief that ‘Peggy’ is Recognitionally (Professional ATIC [Air Technical Intelligence Center] Nomenclature) somewhat Similar to ‘Helen.’ Remnants of Torpedo Rack from which a Torpedo has Evidently been Launched Offers First Evidence Torpedo Racks have actually been used on an Army Bomber – Anywhere In The World.”

    Entirely Unknown to The Americans were Specifics of Peggy’s Power-Projection: The Above-Cited Torpedo Rack Carried an EXTERNALLY Mounted Two Thousand and Three Hundred Pound (2300#) Torpedo! The INTERNALIZED Bomb Bay could Hold One Thousand and Seven Hundred Pounds (1700#) Worth of Bombload. Mounted Throughout the very Modern, indeed Jet-Age, Trim-Lined Airframe were a staggering Six Thousand, Three Hundred Pounds (6300#) Worth of INTERNAL Weapons! Altogether this Amounted to Ten Thousand, Three Hundred Pounds (10 300#) of Easily-Stripped Encumbrance to Accommodate Nuclear Ordnance and Convert The Peggy’s Hull into a Flying Atomic Bomb – The Purpose for which it was Intentionally Designed and Manufactured by Mitsubishi Under Imperial Decree (Note: The Super-Heavy American Fat Man Plutonium Bomb, Dropped In Panicked Retreat Over Nagasaki [sic], Weighed Ten Thousand, Two Hundred and Eighty-Six Pounds [10 286#]!).

    When Sourcing From Japan Herself The Peggy was using Iwo Jima as a Staging Base for Conducting Attacks Against The Marianas B-29 Airbases (From Whence America’s Atomic Attacks Would Eventually Source via The Island of Tinian). Iwo Jima was Taken at Enormous Cost – and Ultimately Irreparable Damage to The United States Marine Corps (By Denial of Desperately Needed Seasoned USMC Combat Veterans For Supervision of Raw Recruits Come Impending Invasion of Japan Through Decimation of Well Over a Division’s Worth of such) – Specifically In Order To Eliminate This Direct Obstacle To America’s Ability To Nuclearize The War. The Peggy Manifested That Dangerous An Impact on The Dynamic of The Pacific Conflict – Even When Utilized In Purely Conventional Operational Format.

    Just Under 700 ACCOUNTED FOR Peggy’s were Built, Six Hundred and Six (606) by Mitsubishi and Ninety-One (91) by Kawasaki. Peggy Appeared in Several Configurations, One Being Redesignated as The Ki-109, Serving as a High-Altitude B-29 Destroyer (By Carrying a 75 mm Cannon in its Nose with Enough Punch and Range to Stay Out of The Defensive Fire-Radius of The Targeted B-29 While Disintegrating It In Midair). The Emperor Refused To Deploy These Models Against The Enola Gay or Bock’s Car In Order To Avoid Conseqᵫnt Nuclear Airburst(s) and Resultant EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse[s]) At Such Altitude(s) – Which Would Have Fried Japan’s Grid at The National Level.

    When The Americans Sᵫd for Peace and Parceled Forces To Japan To Assist In Reconstruction, a Demonstration Model Peggy – The “# 069 (Emperor Hirohito’s ‘Flying Feüehrerbunker,’ Inspired by FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT’s ‘Air Force One’)” – was Presented to American Technical Intelligence at Irumagawa Airbase, Located Near Yokota Airbase, Tokyo. This particular Modification looked like a Flying Gasoline-Tanker, with Fᵫl Tanks about everywhere; Fitted and Readied for Expeditious Evacuation of The Emperor to Reestablish His Dynasty Over China in the fantastical Event of American Occupation of Japan. An Event which obviously never took place as Japan was never Invaded. This is not an exercise in specious semantics. America was Cœrced Into Reparations of War-Damage by Authorizing Massive Influx of US Troops to Rejuvenate The Japanese National Economy While Negotiations Proceeded Apace to Force Open The American Market To Japanese Products. The War Legally Continᵫd (Under Ceasefire) with American Troops Spending Money In-Country just as Later Hostilities would Proceed in Korea and Việt-Nám while American Troops were Stationed In-Country Simultaneous Ongoing Peace Negotiations in Panmunjom and Paris.

    Yet Another Configuration of The Peggy was a Kamikaze-Designated Airframe with a Large Explosive Charge Built Inside to Detonate On Impact. This was The “Atomic Peggy” – as Instrumental In Forcing The Americans to Concession as any of The Other Integral Facets of Japan’s Holocaustic Arsenal (The Peggy was a Standardized Design: Empty Weight of The Standardized Peggy being Nineteen Thousand Pounds [19 000#]; Maximum Takeoff Weight being Thirty Thousand Pounds [30 000#] – Allowing Standard Carrying Capacity of Eleven Thousand Pounds [11 000#] of Weight!).

    The Axis Powers Utilized Uranium Bombs. The “Little Boy” Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima was – as DR J ROBERT OPPENHEIMER Stated: “… of German Provenance (obliqᵫly Referencing The ‘Project Paperclip’ NAt-ƵI Physicists Émigrated To America On Cease-Fire In Europe To Complete What Americans Could Not)” and simply Standardized German Atomic Ordnance (The Fat Man Plutonium Bomb was a Domestic Example of American Resource[s] Development Sourcing From The Global Reach of US Empire). It (Little Boy) was surprisingly Lightweight for a Shell with The Explosive Power of Thirteen Thousand Tons (13 000 tns) of TNT – a mere Eight Thousand, Eight Hundred and Ninety-Nine Pounds (8899#)!

    Hence The Three (3) Peggy’s Launched From Each I-400 Sen-Toku Submarine Aircraft-Carrier Would Be Fully Crewed and Equipped With Enough Defensive Armament To Power Through Any Attempted American Interception Inland.

    The Peggy’s Two Thousand, Three Hundred Mile (2300 mis)-Range, Seemingly Indicative of In-Theatre Utility, would now Prove Decisive on The American Front – The Vast Majority of “Soft Targets” In The United States Lay Wide Open On The Coasts. For Over Half-a-Decade (1945—1952), The Sen-Toku(s) Prowled Off The ATLANTIC and CARIBBEAN Seaboards of The United States, Enforcing American Commitment To Talk-Down. Submarine Warfare Tacticians From NAt-ƵI Germany had Relayed Continental-Shelf Maps Charted by German U-boat Submariners Operating Along The US East and Gulf Coasts Throughout Proactive German-American Hostilities. U-boat Commanders Intuited Early in The Battle of The Atlantic that American SONAR (SOund Detection and Ranging) had Inadequacies of Definition and Resolution – indicating to US Sub-Hunting Vessels that something was nearby, but providing little information by way of Size, Shape and Depth of Contact. Although Axis Intelligence Noted Apparent Improvement in Allied SONAR from 1943 into 1944, The Detection Systems remained Unable To Differentiate Between Objects of Similar Size Lying In Proximity on The Ocean Floor. U-boot Kapitans nestled their Submarines up against Known, Charted Shipwrecks and Lay Low whenever Threatened by Patrolling Surface Vessels. Searching Destroyers would Record a Predictable SONAR Return from a Documented Wreck and Pass. For Years: The Four Hundred Foot (400′) Steel I-400 Leviathans Dodged Destroyer after Destroyer by stealing From One Charted Wreck To The Next, Emperor Hirohito Threatening Launch Whenever The United States Military Threatened Nuclear / Saturation Depth-Charging of The Wreckscape – a Wreckscape of Sunken Tonnage seemingly created expressly for The Sen-Toku by Prior German Campaigns Against Allied Merchant Shipping. Any Who Doubt the enormity of Sunken Merchantmen Advertise their Ignorance of The Fact that Commercial Vessels Far Larger Than The Titanic Lay at The Bottom of The North American Great Lakes, Victims of Squall and Sabotage on America’s Home Front.

    Emperor Hirohito’s Nuclear Deterrent was Orchestrated by The Kurier Communications System, Fielded by The Third Reich in January of 1945, a New Type of Transmission that Prevented Allied Interception of U-boat Messages. The Kurier System as Subseqᵫntly Fitted The Japanese Sen-Toku Class I-Boats Employed an Ultra-High-Speed or “Flash” Transmission, in which a Brief But Complete Message was Sent In a Fraction of a Second; per NSA, RG 457, “SELECTIONS FROM THE CRYPTOLOGIC PAPERS OF REAR ADMIRAL JN WENGER, USN,” SRH-403, 75.

    All The Above was Ultimately Mimicked by United States’ High Command in The “Launch-On-Command” Seqᵫncing At Disposal of The Commander-In-Chief regarding both SAC (Strategic Air Command) and The US Nuclear-Powered (and Armed) Submarine Fleet.

    Any Hypothetical Survival of FD Roosevelt would only have Enforced Terminal Prosecution of World War II to its Logical Genocidal Conclusion Against The North American Populace by Emperor Hirohito. Roosevelt Assumed Office of The Executive The Same Year ADOLF HITLER (Who Was To Outlive Him) Won Power and had Illegally Extended his own Term Longer Than Anyone Before or Since (Twelve Years); Stealing his Fourth Stint Even While Desperately Ill – Collapsing The Very Day of his Nomination, caught by his son at Convention and held up like a Propped Mannequin before Raving Crowds – yet Holding such Dictatorial Sway Over his Administration as to Ensure This Event Hushed Up To History.

    But Even In Glowing Health: He wouldn’t have enjoyed his Power for any Discernible Period of Time Beyond August 15th of 1945, because Hirohito would have been Forced by FDR’s Lunatic Intransigence to Deploy The Holocaustic Weapons Systems Already Discussed and The Americans had NO Defense, NO Bunkers, NO Vaccines Readied for Mass-Distribution; The Population of The United States would have undoubtedly begun to Die By The Millions, Many Immediately in Atomic Attacks via The Sen-Toku Submarine-Aircraft-Carrier-Catapulted Peggy’s, etc; All While In-Theatre Deployment of Japan’s Thousands of Patsy Superbombers would have Wiped Out America’s Pacific Airstrips that they had already Spilled So Much Blood For; Even As The Historical “Typhoon Louise” Smashed America’s Mustered Amphibious (and therefore not High-Seasworthy) Invasion Fleet Against The Cliffs of Okinawa. Note Too: The Imperial Japanese Army’s Seven (7) Aircraft Carriers Would Deport From Their Berths In China, Where They Had Entirely Escaped American Intelligence-Recognition, To Rampage Destruction by Launching Either Japan’s Jetfighter Knockoffs From Germany (of which The Japanese had Assembled Thousands) or “One-Way” Bombers Intended To Land Back On The Chinese Mainland. FDR Would Have Been Called To Trial and Impeached For his Treason at Pearl Harbour In Short Order Amid Such Events — a God Must Indeed Have Been Watching Over his Electorate To Have Dispatched him at Such Critical Juncture In Time …

    Herein The Unparalleled Significance of All Such Documents I was Ordered To Destroy which Exposed The Fallacy of Japanese Surrender as a Nonapplicable Concept: Once Confronted with The (Virtually Guaranteed) Prospect of Mass-Extermination of an Overwhelming Majority of The American Population By Biocidal Weapons Developed By Japan’s Emperor Hirohito (a Marine Biologist of Internationally Recognized Repute), The United States Government was Forced To Sᵫ For Peace and Declare Immediate Cease-Fire. On August 9th, 1945: The Sacred Crane Task Force of Imperial Japanese Superdirigibles Penetrated American Airspace as easily as it had been Violated During The Battle of Los Angeles (February 24th—25th, 1942). Upon Disembarkation at Tonopah Army Air Base (Later CIA Designate: Area-51), The Shōuwa Ultimatum was Presented The United States High Command (and Ultimately The American Office of The Executive).

    To Emphasize The Lethality-Indices of these Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction, The Shōuwa Ultimatum Outlined Hirohito’s Paradigm that – as a Biologist – he could Only Conclude that Our Universe should be Teeming With Life. We should have been Visited not only Long Ago but Regularly; and yet this has not occurred in Any Officially Acknowledged Record. Hirohito Compellingly Postulated that Intelligent Civilizations Auto-Immolate Once Capable of Generating A Single Individual (All It Takes Is ONE and In Case of Our Planet – He Presented Himself) Who was Both Educated Enough – and Inclined By Circumstance(s) – To Produce Viable Quantities of “The Poor Man’s Doomsday Weapon”: Mass-Biocidal Viral Agents; which are More Than Capable of Eradicating The Totality of One’s Own Species – In Our Case: Humanity (This Concept was Later To Be Plagiarized By The Chief Science Advisor to The US President: The Physicist DR ENRICO FERMI, in Order To Rationalize Federal Funding of an Everexpanding Nuclear Weapons Programme. Dr Fermi’s Perversion of The Original Postulation Illogically Expounded The Hellishly Expensive – and so Infinitely Less Likely – Proposition of Extraterrestrial Civilizations Autodestructing via Total Thermonuclear Warfare; which Requires Not an Individual, but entire Interlocking Complexes of Interdependent Industries [not to mention a Bottomless Pit of Tax-Supported Financing by which to Continuously Maintain Self-Degrading Weapons Mechanisms whose very Internal Electronic Components are Chronically Corrupted by The Radiation Emissions of their own Fission / Fusion Cores]).

    On The 10th of August, 1945: The US SECRETARY OF WAR HENRY “HAP” ARNOLD, Issᵫd Urgent and Immediate Call To All US Forces, Pacific To Cease-Fire, Supposedly In Response to a Japanese Broadcast of Willingness To Surrender “On Understanding Allied Proclamation Would Not Comprise Any Demand which would Prejudice Prerogatives of His Imperial Majesty Hirohito as Sovereign Ruler.” Such CommuniqÃᵫ certainly occurred but ludicrous Claims On-Part The United States they Ceased Fire In Reply is Rendered Patently Absurd In Face of Fact The Japanese had Relayed Such Overtures Throughout Duration of The Greater Pacific War.

    The Real Motivating Factors Behind America’s Sudden and Overwhelming Desire To Accommodate Lay In Japan’s Strategic Threat-Projection. Most Tellingly: War Secretary Arnold’s Call For Total and Immediate Ceasefire were First Relayed To GENERAL CARL SPAATZ of The Army Air Forces in The Marianas, which is where Tinian Island is Located, From Whence Sourced The Two Atomic-Bomb Strikes Delivered, of course, by The 509th Composite Group – a strange Primary Choice for Initiating Stand-Down From Conditions of Active War when ALL of America’s Available Atomic Inventory had already been Expended (Source: ARNOLD TO SPAATZ, 11 August 1945 [complicated by ASIA TIME, Ever One Date Ahead of The West], WAR 47880, Box I:21, File: “AUGUST 1945 PERSONAL,” CARL A SPAATZ PAPERS, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, DC).

    Hirohito was quite prepared to “Kill The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs” if The Americans Refused To Sᵫ For Peace. But that would leave His People Militarily Victorious and Economically Impoverished – precisely The Position The People’s Republic of Việt-Nám found itself in for Decades After Defeating The United States (Politically, if not Militarily). By Deploying The Very Genuine Threat of Mass-Extinction Against The American Junta, Hirohito Forced The Very Establishment Responsible for Starting World War II In The Pacific into not only Reparation and Reconstruction of His Nation but Opening of The Largest and Wealthiest Market on Earth To Japanese Trade; Ushering In a Golden Age Providing a Quality-of-Life which they had Never Dreamed of Attaining Militarily.

    Like The Literary Martians of HG WELLS’ “WAR OF THE WORLDS,” The American Junta Fielded a Football Team that was All Offense and No Defense: By Concentrating All their Intellectual and Material Assets on Warring Against Women, Children, Infants and The Elderly; American “Leadership” Left their own Continental Homeland Wide Open for The Fatal Bacterial Blow.

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